China mourns Steve Jobs

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  1. Beijing (CNN) -- In China -- home of manufacturing companies central to global production of Apple iPhones and iPads -- the death of Steve Jobs' death brought immediate reaction from Chinese netizens and captains of industry.

    "When I head the news, I could not hold back my tears," wrote Yu Minghong, founder and CEO of New Oriental Education, one of the largest private education service provider in China. "Because of him, the world has become different. Because of him, the boring world has become alive, the glum world has become creative, because of him a drab world has become colorful."

    Inside four hours of the announcement, nearly 35 million messages on Sina Weibo on Jobs' death and 23 million messages of Tencent QQ Weibo, China's first and second largest microblogging sites.

    "Jobs is the spiritual leader of our time," wrote @Xiongpeiyun on Sina Weibo. "I like Steve Jobs more than I like Apple. It's a huge loss for the whole world. But his life was complete because he had been looking for and found what he loved. I haven't committed whole heartedly to my life like Jobs had been doing. So, next to him, I feel more ashamed than being sad."

    "Certainly Apple has achieved cult-like status amongst young, urban Chinese consumers," said Duncan Clark, chairman and founder of BDA, a Beijing consultancy company focused on telecom, media and technology sectors. "Beyond the general public there is a vast, aspiring entrepreneurial class particular focused on understanding what makes successful business people like Steve Jobs tick."