China Military Police on USA soil

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    What the Bloomberg article fails to mention is that the Chinese PLA military leaders filed a lawsuit in the World Court at the Hague, Netherlands last summer. The suit petitioned the World Court to grant the PLA the right to USE CHINESE MILITARY POLICE (i.e. Chinese troops) ON U.S. SOIL in order to "repossess real estate assets secured by PLA's mortgage funding" in the United States upon default of the contracts. The Chinese leadership did not, and do not, trust local sheriff departments to perform the task and preserve their trillions of invested dollars/yen. The World Court opined that only the U.S. government could legally grant such a request.

    Given her past acceptances of PLA influence peddling, there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind, that Hillary Clinton not only gave the PLA military leaders just such a signed document, but sealed it with a kiss as well.

    Whether it is called "eminent domain" or "mortgage repo authorization" -- the desired effect is the same. Foreign, COMMUNIST troops have now been given the legal authority to operate as constables on American soil. Treason by any other name, is still an odorous offense.

    David and Barbara, aka SNOPES --- just because CNN or Reuters doesn't report the story, it doesn't mean it isn't vitally important information for all Americans to understand and act upon.

  2. Now thats interesting but I'll believe it when I see it not that no doubt in his mind isn't an infallible standard upon which to conclude such a thing. The image that conjures up, of Chinese soldiers emblazoned in uniform with big red star decals all over them on the 6 o'clock news foreclosing on joe six pack and his grandmother in the burbs is one that really brings home the saying "may you live in interesting times". Another saying it might bring up is, do you support principles at the expense of your people or people at the expense of your principles ...that is if you're honest with yourself. Good post.
  3. why do they have to be in uniforms? haha, so you think it's ok if they come in T-shirts?
  4. So you support your people at the expense of principles ...okay.