China May Industrial Output Growth Quickens

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  1. 1025 [Dow Jones] Industrial output growth in China quickens in May (+8.9% on year vs +7.3% in April, market expectation for +7.8%), while retail sales +15.2% in May on year (up tad from April's +14.8%). Data again reflective of positive impact of Beijing's stimulus program on local economy (industries posting sharp growth include transport, electrical machinery, automobiles). Retail sales data, while imperfect barometer of private consumption demand because it includes government purchases, suggest resilient consumption demand. Though unclear how sustainable improved performance is given latest PBOC survey shows city dwellers inclined to save greater portion of their household budget.
  2. The Hang Seng should be 10% lower by now! :cool:
  3. Come on nazz, you have to love Hangseng ! Hell of a ride today ! :)