China Loans South Sudan 8 Billion USD

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    South Sudan acquired three quarters of the formerly united nation’s 490,000 barrels of oil a day output when it declared independence on July 9. The export pipelines and processing facilities remain in Sudan and the two countries have been unable to agree on fees for use of the infrastructure. South Sudan lost 98 percent of its revenue when it halted production in January after accusing Sudan of stealing $850 million worth of its oil. Sudan said it confiscated the crude to make up for unpaid fees.

    Kiir discussed South Sudan’s plan to build export pipelines that bypass Sudan with Chinese officials, Benjamin said, adding that China didn’t agree to finance such a project.

    “They will consider the fact that it is important to have an alternative pipeline,” he said.
  2. 'Hope you're hungry'

    A kind gesture in the U.S;

    A cruel taunt in Sudan.