China Just Escalated Their Brutal Persecution Of Christians To An Entirely New Level

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    I hope God uses me, by means of first losing my personal freedom, to tell those who have deprived me of my personal freedom that there is an authority higher than their authority, and that there is a freedom that they cannot restrain, a freedom that fills the church of the crucified and risen Jesus Christ.”

    “Regardless of what crime the government charges me with, whatever filth they fling at me, as long as this charge is related to my faith, my writings, my comments, and my teachings, it is merely a lie and temptation of demons. I categorically deny it. I will serve my sentence, but I will not serve the law. I will be executed, but I will not plead guilty.”

    “Those who lock me up will one day be locked up by angels. Those who interrogate me will finally be questioned and judged by Christ. When I think of this, the Lord fills me with a natural compassion and grief toward those who are attempting to and actively imprisoning me. Pray that the Lord would use me, that he would grant me patience and wisdom, that I might take the gospel to them.”

    “Separate me from my wife and children, ruin my reputation, destroy my life and my family – the authorities are capable of doing all of these things. However, no one in this world can force me to renounce my faith; no one can make me change my life; and no one can raise me from the dead.”

    “Jesus is the Christ, son of the eternal, living God. He died for sinners and rose to life for us. He is my king and the king of the whole earth yesterday, today, and forever. I am his servant, and I am imprisoned because of this. I will resist in meekness those who resist God, and I will joyfully violate all laws that violate God’s laws.”

    – Pastor Wang Yi, “My Declaration of Faithful Disobedience”

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    Chinese authorities persecute any religious group including Buddhists, Uighur Muslims and any other group whatsoever which they might take exception to, religious or not.

    Christians have no special precedence in China for experiencing persecution.
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    And that somehow makes it okay?
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    I don't know, does it? You tell me.

    The point being, once again it appears Christians are all about Christians. Here they can't even think to give the smallest of acknowledgments to the millions of other non Christian and non religious citizens who face similar and worse persecution in China.
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    No, but the hypocritical outrage when it happens to Christians and deafening silence when other sects are persecuted is telling.