China issues warning to US over arms sales to Taiwan

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  1. China yesterday urged the United States to cancel a massive arms deal to Taiwan, warning of severe consequences if it does not heed the call.

    The US defense department announced the contract late on Wednesday, allowing US company Lockheed Martin Corp to sell an unspecified number of Patriot air defense missiles to the island.

    The hardware, some of the best in its class, could shoot down the Chinese mainland's short-range and mid-range missiles, Reuters quoted defense analysts as saying.

    "This is the last piece that Taiwan has been waiting on," Wendell Minnick, Asia bureau chief of Defense Weekly, said.

    The sale rounds out a broad $6.5-billion arms package approved under former US president George W. Bush in late 2008, he said.

    The deal is currently pending notification to the US Congress.

    The Foreign Ministry yesterday urged the US "to clearly recognize the severe consequences of arms sales to Taiwan" and protested to Washington, spokeswoman Jiang Yu told a news briefing.
  2. Hang Seng up 10%? :confused: :D
  3. The Origins of World War III
  4. I was short and made some bucks...China tightening should have some "consequences".
  5. Why this news article has appeared in Chinese media only?. Why this has not appeared in USA media or other medias?.
  6. Because it is just Chinese propaganda. Not real news. They have been saying the same crap for years.
  7. Lethn


    Could say the exact same kind of thing about the Western Media since they seem to have been blathering on about terrorists for the past few years now.
  8. Chinese media is trying to glorify their actions. They want to show the world now China is stronger than USA.
  9. They have not learned their lesson in Copenhagen ? Need to have a lesson more...
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