China isn't stockpiling oil

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  1. well...

    China does beat the US in one respect. They officially produce more CO2 now. Some would say, "well their population is 4 times the size!'

    I say, well, their economy is one fifth the size, and they have lots of cash to put on pollution controls. Of course, that would defeat their entire growth strategy...low cost producer at any cost to society.
  2. "I say, well, their economy is one fifth the size,"

    Why is that even relevant? You mean, riches have the rights to produce more CO2?

  3. so many lies continue to be told and rubber stamped by this Oil Administration, determined to drive the acceptable price of Oil and gasoline / diesel / heating oil / nat gas, etc. up as far as they can before they leave office in the US.

    The Bush Administration and this other Oil Administration have conspired against the American people and let this pandora out of the inflationary box and its wreaking havoc across the global economy, not just within the US.

    so many lies continue to be told because previously communist countries and others that do not subscribe to the (so called) capitalist country (like India and others) disclosures of their net national demands upon oil usage that just suggesting that "they" have "come online" has been sufficient to drive up the price by creating artificial demand and market place speculation to the extreme.

    another series of lies has been the net impact of saying, yet again another disruption in Nigeria or other producing states has caused some temporary disruption, but their price spike of net $18 bbl or $24 bbl never goes back down, after these events have ceased.

    so many lies.....
  4. you are kidding right?

    do the math and figure out how much they would pollute if their GDP was 5 times its size. they have zero pollution controls, and have no policy to use controls so far in the future. hell, one third of the mighty Yangtze is sterile!

    population means nothing. individuals breathing is not even measured. Population means more cars? OK, they have far fewer cars than the US, and still pollute more.

    My point is that they don't care.
  5. Well said, Limitdown!

    Look at all the connections in this administration...Cheney, Bush and his supporters. Paulson, Rubin, Blankfein, Gorman, Fuld.......It wouldn't be hard to manipulate prices. Not saying that they are....but it wouldn't be hard.

  6. "Enron, the smartest guys in the room" 2 hour documentary said that!

    the last 20 minutes of that program showed how those thieves went from engineering the blackouts and power grid shortages to the west coast for over 3 years, into the transition team that Cheney put together.

    they also showed how they put A. Schwartneger into governorship in CA.

    they also showed how they killed silicon valley,,,

    they also showed how they caused power plants and grids in CA with capacity of say 31.6 mwh or whatever, to shutdown at 11.4 mwh and resist calls from their state senators and other elected officials to put the plants back online....

    what an indictment.

    what a corrupt bunch of conservative republicans,

    who can ever trust those guys ever again?, any of them?, all of them?

    you need to see the expose....
  7. limitdown

    If what you said is true, howcome nobody prosecuted Cheney or Arny?

    What am I missing here?
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    China doesnt have to stockpile oil, they don't bitch and try to tell other countries how to run their affairs. They say, hey you got oil, great, we need oil and thats that. I think that in the long run you are going to see China having a lot more "strategic" allies due to this live and let live attitude than America has.

  9. I bet none of them have ever taken sniper fire either.
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