China is at WAR

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    Very sad. I can't imagine anything worse in life than losing your child.
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  2. at war with who?
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    - Emily Dickinson

    nitro :(
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    Thanks for the kind words above. And this gave me an idea:

    Since May 19/20/21, 2008 are our national mourning days£¨First time in the history of China ). If you are from the world of finance/investment , and if you could, please write down your words of condolence here.

    Thanks a lot

    Joesan ( a Chinese derivatives trader in Shanghai)
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    The confirmed death number is 40075 till 6:00 PM ,May 20 local time.
    Meanwhiles donations from home and abroad rushed in, it is about 10 billion RMB so far. Ordinary Chinese people line up for donations of not only their money, but also their blood for the victims of the quake.
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