China Insurance Funds Designated to Invest in Canada

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    "The agreement with China gives Canadian financial markets access to a pool of up to C$106 billion ($106 billion), Flaherty said in a statement today from Seoul, South Korea."

    "This agreement demonstrates a great deal of confidence in Canada’s economic prospects and the soundness of Canada’s financial system,” he said in the statement."

    "Canada had been approved in April as a place where Chinese banks could invest. Today’s agreement is the third under China’s Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor program..."

    Get long Canadian banks if you have not already done so.
  2. When foreign investors get excited about foreign markets, BE CAREFUL! :eek:
  3. ? I don't understand your comment.
  4. So when some western investor got excited about China in the mid 90's, he had to be careful of generating vast returns in the next decade. LOL
  5. 1) I'm bearish.
    2) Foreign investors tend to get "permission" to invest in other foreign markets near long-term peaks. "They get to the party too late". :cool:
  6. You aren't that "western investor". LOL. :p
  7. Understood.

    May I ask why you are bearish?

    Surely another couple billion dollars will fuel the party even more?