China, India Bankrupted USA

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  1. Majority of giant investment companies are located in USA which is one of the biggest investors in the world.

    USA has invested heavily in China, India and other countries. If USA had not gone mad about low production costs in other countries and USA had manufactured its products and services in USA then today USA economy would have been $25 Trillion and more every year and China and India economy would be $1 Trillion each today.

    USA citizens would have received high salary/wages and they would have spent their money for USA economy.

    If production cost in other countries is $1 then the production cost in USA would be $2 so more money for USA economy. Also hiring cheap workers from other countries for high tech jobs decreased the purchasing power of USA workers.

    Sharing of technology has resulted in majority of products being manufactured in other countries. In the absence of technology sharing all the manufactuing would have been in USA.

    When the USA jobs and money went to other countries, their people spent the money where ever they want. Other country people used USA money and technology to build their own country and possibly fund USA rivals.

    The answer was simple. Manufacture in USA and export to other countries. Forget the cost of production.

    I know USA helping Afghanistan against Russia was the biggest mistake USA did.

    The multi-billion dollars aids given by USA to other countries for past many decades has also drained USA money.

    My question: Did China and India bankrupt USA?
  2. Not even worth discussing.....

    You do not have an occupation that deals with world or domestic economic activity.

    You seem to be one of those "Free loaders", but I could be wrong.

    nevertheless, still not worth the discourse.
  3. Lions kill cheetah, leopard, hyenas but Lions do not eat them. Lions kill because they want to kill and eliminate competition for food.

    Basic rule of nature. Understand kid.
  4. Today majority of products and services are manufactured in other countries because of technology and education transfer. Using USA and European technology other countries manufacture cheap and low quality products and services because of which USA and Europe cannot compete in the world.

    Sharing technology and education is the biggest mistake USA and Europe did.

    Investment in other countries is one of the biggest reasons today USA debts have reached $100 Trillion to $200 Trillion.
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    No brother. The US Bankrupted Themself. I came to the US in march 2011 looking for a healthy dose of capitalism and I just found out that the US is just as socialist as my own country, Because in europe we have the Myth that the US is the center of capitalism, but that's Bull shit.

    China has worked increasingly hard to become more capitalist. The U.S. has worked more and more to destroy its corporations and move them to Asia and Mexico. Almost all computer service organizations and other telephone services are in India now most manufacturing is in Germany, China, Korea Or Mexico.

    In China, the government owns the land, but at least the people recognize it. In America, people just think they own their property, but in fact the government does and lies to them that they do.

    The US is failling Because you guys became a freaking socialist state, Thanks to Delano Roosevelt, Johnson, W Bush and Obama.

    America has medicaid - China does not
    America has free highways - In China they are all tolled
    America has public schools - China does not
    America has welfare - China has practically none.
    America has laws that limit a corporations production ability if it affects the surrounding populations QOL - China is all about production.
    America has Labour Unions - China does not.

    Did you realise you're more Socialist?
  6. I am talking about year 1980 when American politicians and businessmen started looking at China and India.

    You are contradicting yourself.

    I agree, greedy American politicians and businessmen who cannot think properly and have problems in their heads have bankrupt USA by partnering with greedy and mental problem Chinese and Indians.

    There are good and honest people in all the countries.

    Technology and education transfer from USA and Europe to other countries started around year 1950. Correct me if I am wrong?
  7. Name one publicly traded 100% American owned and operated business.
  8. American military/army, farmers, fishermen, rural people, and strong American men and women.

    Now only these honest and patriot Americans can save USA otherwise ........