China, India and the muzzies

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  1. These are the three threats to the USA. China and India pose an economic threat and are using their $$ to fund Al-Quaeda.

    Should we just nuke em all, or maybe we can give nukes to Taiwan to finish China and we should arm Pakistan to fight India.

    God bless the free world against our enemies.
  2. George Bush had said "if you habour terrorist, you are terrorist".
  3. You want to nuke 37% of the human population?
    What are you a jewish nazi hybrid?
  4. He is correct. Pakistan is terrorizing India and India is terrorizing Pakistan. Taiwan is terrorizing China and China is terrorizing Taiwan.

    It is our moral obligation to help all terrorists nuke eachother.
  5. cohen2011, for USA President.

    Vote for cohen2011.
  6. Even the president HUSEIN obama is a muzzie who wasn't even born here.

    What are we doing ? The prez probably has family in Al-Quaeda.
  7. Yeah but it exists now. And they are taking our jobs and are supporting Al-Quaeda. India is full of muzzies.
  8. For a Western, it is quite easy to understand Indians and Indian society.
    If you meet anybody from India, ask him "What Is Your Caste?"
    If the answer is high caste aka be warned.
    You met a narcissists/racist.
  9. All of their casts are muzzie Al-Quaeda lovers.
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