china in blowoff top

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    christ, bluud, and I thought I was bitter and twisted....:D
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  2. This is no bubble though

    FXI is a safe investment being that it is an ETF and has a 3 year track record of hitting new highs.

    The key is not selling when it goes down a little.

    China will go to 20,000 next year and this index will double.
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  3. Right. Like you know.
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  4. Oh come on, the ppl of the USA deserve better.
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    thank you very much for ur insight and reply to my post....i also heard there is $2.3trill....
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  6. so what. in 99 we had 5 trillion in money market funds and it stopped nothing
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  7. fyi.. talk that shares may become exchangeable between hk and shanghai suggests these stocks might not be coming down for awhile.
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  8. Mvic


    In hindsight it is easy to say so what. In '99 the prospect of going short with $5Trillion on the sidelines that could have been put to work caused a little more trepidation :)

    FWIW in the bookstabber book (highly recommended) he posits that the reason that the market imploded in 2000 was the huge supply that came online via IPO's secondaries and option grants during that time period (dwarfed what had been issued in 98 and 99). This is also something to watch for in China, big IPOs and secondaries in the pipeline that will soak up new yuan effectively taking the juice out of the advance.
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  10. another 40 points or so and PTR biggest company in the world overtaking XOM.
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