China Holographic Cities - Current Techology

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  1. What kind of commercial applications will we see this.....what are your thoughts?
  2. I'm guessing holograph technology will be a multi billion USD industry replacing the porn industry creating a totally realistic sex experience with an object of choice but I take it they are not quite there just yet.

    You turn on the machine or put on your helmet and you can have sex with a virtual partner. 10$ for one hour or you can take a monthly or year subscription.

  3. I did hear that obama was going to "project" 2.1 million americans going to their new jobs starting this week! :eek:
  4. I just read a fictional novel by Lincoln Child called Utopia. It was about a massive new domed amusement park which used robotics and holography in all of it's attractions.

    A rider would be on top of a roller coaster while looking down at a foggy london city which stretched for miles, with a holographic moon floating over their head.

    Probably not that far off. I can just imagine what disney would do to Space Mountain.
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    Last week I said Obama wins in a landslide. This week, we got a peek at the kind of campaign he will run. To wit: Go negative on McCain. Now, he looks and sounds just like any politician. So much for "change".

    Why doesn't he articulate HOW he will get the troops home in 16 months? You know why? Because he can't and he knows it.

    HOW will he solve the "forclosure crisis". I could on and on. The guy is a hologram, an empty suit. But who knows, maybe he can fool enough voters to get elected. The dems and leftists are so desperate, its no wonder they are enamored with this guy. If he runs the rest of his campaign like the past week, the dems lose, again.
  6. Yes my many posts from 2008.............
  7. Makes me think of "Metropolis" all we need are some half drunk middle aged guys trying to grab her/it. The Overlords are smiling.

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