China halts 'rare earth' mineral shipments to Japan: NYT

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    Japan should reconstitute its military and develop thermonuclear weapons, oh wait, they already did.

    Why else would they run a breeder reactor?
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  2. I know it can be difficult with Americas short attention span culture, but let's try to think long term,( 50 yrs down the road) like the Chinese do. China does not want to do anything to upset it's exports to US and Europe. The Chinese consumers can't absorb all of China's production, yet, so they need other markets to demand their goods.

    China is going through some difficult growing pains. So, an occasional incident with the Chinese people's favorite, most reliable bad guy, Japan, is good to shift the population's eyes away from growing internal problems. As Japan is a big market for Chinese products also, I expect this to die down and de-escalate once Japan has held the Captain long enough to save face, and not be seen as backing down to China. They will probably release him near the end of the month.
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  3. There is a shit load of things that come from china. Things like chips and other things required for our defense and of course the critical rare earths that we stopped producing.
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  4. Some known issues in Indian society

    Zero social mobility
    One of the most corruption nation in the world
    836 million people live on 20 rupees a day
    Pakistan is a better nation to do business than India & China
    Indians among most corrupt while doing business abroad
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    How do you "MOVE"? I'm assuming you don't have any industrial experience, but it is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of factors come into play.
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    they never admit such things
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