china gonna sella againa

Discussion in 'Trading' started by risky63, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. risky63


    watcha out you big galoots
  2. New highs!
  3. LOL Yep, coming to a portfolio near you.
  4. Wish that was the case in the states

    We've been in kinda a downturn since Late Nov 2006
  5. No doubt its going to sell off

    The big question is when.
  6. Yeah, their market is at a record high. Trade sanctions could spook them pretty bad. That in turn might spook our market.
  7. dhpar


    if it can sell one day then it is this coming Monday.
    Today's new US tarrifs on imports from China are like taxing China's growth story. The story is clearly based mainly on external consumption (and infrastructure rebuilding)
    ... so watch out for opening of Japan new fiscal year - it may be with fireworks....
  8. So why was this government praising globalization and outsourcing if now they impose tariffs on chinese imports? A bit late no?
  9. maybe, but im not selling my exposure.