China going down, US markets...

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  1. The DJIA is entering a dangerous triangle, the TNX is in a supercycle up and who knows how high oil will go. The Shanghai will go much much lower in the days to come and resemble the old Nasdaq-100.

    These wild and crazy valuations of these stocks cant go on much longer. Steve Jobs appearing on the cover of Businessweek like he is Christ with his hands outstretched and meanwhile his company is trading at a whopping 37 times earnings almost like a tech stock from 2000. Mastercard trading at 148 times earnings and it goes up everytime some TV personality gives it a pump. This company named RIMM that is constantly pumped and trading at a whopping 49 times earnings. ICE up more then 60% on the year and trading at 49 times earnings. Then stocks of the local strip clubs up more then 700% in wild frenzied trading with analysts saying they could triple from there. Finally a company that makes armored vehicles named force protection where the analysts now believe that the entire world will be driving around NYC in the cougar models.

    My short forces are ready to act at a moments notice should any of these stocks so much as flinch.

    This market is in the Matrix it needs to come out. Deflate it will and in the coming weeks it will reach much lower levels as the DJIA comes out of its Bermuda triangle and crashes on down.

    Many hedge funds have shorted this market more then the folks did in 1931 where the market fell another 60%. We shall see who is right this time around. . .
  2. Yea the Spooz futures down a staggering 40 cents

    Dow 13,681.00 -8.00 -0.06
    S&P 500 1,539.20 -0.40 -0.03
    NASDAQ 1,931.50 -0.75 -0.04

    I'm really gonna lose sleep over that
  3. haha..... these permas dont stop hoping

  4. I could try to explain why your analysis is wrong, but since you're so thick and stubborn you wouldn't understand anyway. Just keep taking your meds and everything will be OK.
  5. What do you think of PEG ratios and the value of forward earnings in relation to growth rates in determining stock prices?
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  8. Hmm, I don't think China is going anywhere, even with their 3 x taxes on stock trades.

    It will make the quality of their trades increase, which would further reflect a value-investing technique.

    This could spur more growth for the indices in China.
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