China GDP

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  2. Yep, Nikkei and TOPIX longs got screwed as the news were released just after market closed for lunch.
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    Market closes for lunch? Jesus.
  4. Yeah. For 2 hours. 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm local time (true for Hong Kong, not sure if same for Tokyo and Shanghai).

    Flat line for 2 hours. Screw up your 1-minute chart and moving averages huh! "Intraday gap"... LOL.

    For Hong Kong... 4 hour trading each day. Guess pre and post market extended hours are out of the question huh?....
  5. It was actually a relatively on consensus number. The details were also somewhat encouraging, in terms of the leading indicator components and the impact of the stimuli.
  6. Exactly. And nobody believes PRC econ stats anyway ...

    It's just crazy volatility. Thank God! Hahaha ...
  7. Futures seem to be doing just fine now.