China Futures....?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by islands111, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Is there such a thing?If yes, where can I trade it? If not, why hasn't anyone invented futures on the China Stock Market-Shanghai?

    There is money to be made there for a broker and exchange isn't there?

    the Nikkei has futs, so does the Hang Seng.Why not Shanghai?
  2. Lorenzo


    You can't buy or sell anything directly

    Chinese Market is inaccessible to foreign investors

    Try this instrument
  3. dozu888


    The problem is imo swing trading this thing is almost as sane as suicide.

    China has been planning to launch the shanghai index futs for a while now, but the recent spike in the index has got the official scared that the launch will cause a collapse for which they have to bare the blame.

    The trading will be in RMB and not accessible to foreigners anyway.
  4. There's something on the NYSE with the ticker symbol of "CHN". Check it out.
  5. tcosync


    Anyone know what happened to the SGX Xinhua China A50 Index futures? Just checked, the OI for Jun is only about 200+ lots ?????
  6. Do futures make any sense in that market? If chinese shares can't be shorted, how will the arbs play? What value do un-arb'd futures have?
  7. Sept contract showing no bid/ask whatsoever, and this is during China market hours! How dead is this thing? The HKFE already offers Xinhua China 25 Index futures, which are also dead..