China Finances South Sudan Airport

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    China will give a $158 million loan and help complete the airport project, Information Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin told reporters after a cabinet meeting.

    "It will include extensions, it will include the car parks, it will include the lighting system. It will include the ability for the airport to be functioning for 24 hours," he said.

    The current passenger terminal was built by Sudan to serve what was then thin traffic between Khartoum and the poor south. It consists of two small halls where airlines check in passengers without computers or proper baggage weight checks.

    Security checks are minimal because of the frequent power outages. Luggage from arriving passengers is loaded on a long bench in the absence of a luggage carousel.

    Some 22 airlines serve Juba International Airport, mostly from African neighbours such as Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

    Barnaba said South Sudan would pay an annual interest of 2 per cent for the loan which would have to be paid back after 20 years.