China eases curbs on offshore investments

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  1. Anybody see the moves Friday in the Chinese ADRs? FXI, CEO, LFC. Up 5-7% each.

    Looks like the Chinese officials wish to cool down their own market and give their people an incentive to invest offshore instead of driving up their own stocks more up the parabolic slope. Now they buy up their Chinese ADRs on foreign exchanges? lol

    BEIJING, May 12 -- China is to ease curbs on offshore investments in a bid to reduce the rising tide of liquidity in the financial system, state press reported Saturday.

    The new rules widen the scope of a government program for banks and other institutional investors to tap more than four trillion dollars in national and corporate savings, the Shanghai Securities News reported.

    The move by the China Banking Regulatory Commission is also aimed at easing appreciation pressure on its currency and the pace of growth in foreign reserves that, at 1.2 trillion dollars, are already the world's largest.

    According to the commission, individual bank customers will be allowed to invest a minimum of 300,000 yuan (38,900 U.S. dollars) in offshore stocks.

    Stocks can account for up to 50 percent of the net value of an offshore investment product offered by a bank, with the net value of a single stock capped at five percent, the regulator said.

    Investors have so far shunned the government investment scheme, launched in June last year, as regulations have been seen as too stringent.

    Banks were only allowed to invest fixed-income products.

    Strong appreciation in the yuan and China's booming stock markets have further undermined the program.

    Of the 18.5 billion dollars worth of quotas allocated by March this year, only about five percent had been used.
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    man these guys are slow
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    The same thing is happening here in brazil. All it took was the exchange rate get strong and the politicians who were getting heat from exporters, all the sudden they all became the most free market and open capital advocators in the world(and we are talking about left-wing socialists here), I mean even the central bank website encourage people to send money to the Caribbean islands by providing a software and instructions for people to report to the government their foreign holdings
    All of that so they can get reelected,its sickening