China/corona ETF

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by CitadeBoii, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. Hi, now since Chinese equity has moved down due to corona, it seems like cheap. What are the best China equity etfs listed in Europe?
    What do you guys think of investing in those now?
  2. guru


    Do they need to be listed in Europe or can you trade American-listed stocks and ETFs?
  3. I'm strictly a bull. If the world gets bad, hopefully I'll be sitting it out.
  4. zdave83


    Might want to focus on sectors hurt most ... and most likely to recover quickly.
  5. FXI is a heavily Chinese based ETF that has recently fell flat on its face. I recently took very mild bullish trades in the energy sector XLE as well oil XOP as they’ve both gotten creamed lately.
  6. need to be listed in Europe, cannot trade American listed etfs :(
  7. what Chinese sectors are you thinking about?
  8. zdave83


    Can't help much ... I'd have to assess the available Chinese market ETF's to provide a useful answer ... and I haven't traded in that space.