China:center of the world

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    "A rarely seen 400-year-old map that identified the state of Florida as "the Land of Flowers" and put China at the center of the world went on display Tuesday at the Library of Congress.

    The map created by Matteo Ricci was the first in Chinese to show the Americas. Ricci, a Jesuit missionary from Italy, was among the first Westerners to live in what is now Beijing in the early 1600s. Known for introducing Western science to China, Ricci created the map in 1602 at the request of Emperor Wanli.

    Ricci's map includes pictures and annotations describing different regions of the world. Africa was noted to have the world's highest mountain and longest river. The brief description of North America mentions "humped oxen" or bison, wild horses and a region named "Ka-na-ta.""
  2. ?....what you're really trying to say is that it's time to short-sell the HangSeng? :confused: :D
  3. The world is round; there is no center!
  4. Sure there is...its just 6k miles or so downward.
  5. great posts everyone :)
  6. I don't think that this current form of chinese governement will stay long in power...

    How could a country not be divided from within when :

    1) Ethnics conflicts ( 2 main languages, a lot of different cultures, way of life, and view of life in this huge country... ).

    2) Economic Conflicts against the all world ( Intellectual proprety, wage minimum, respect of the surronding ( stakeholder vs shareholder ).

    3) Affronting the Black Market is never a good idea ( drugs primarly ) ( remember the black flag with the 2 swords ).

    4) Politically there is no freedom of speech. Hackers of China could unplug their corrupt gov, when they want.

    5) It's the most important one, I think, that even the darkest leaders of China are smart enough to understand that it's not trough a confrontation against the World that they will solve their lack of Women... It's true education, teaching to the people the real sound economics, like if it lack 24 millions girls, familly will be better to keep boys. OR say it clearly, Allowing UNRESTRICTED ACCESS TO WWW.

    However when, I say that, don't think that I approve what the chinese family who had girls did. I know that every time the mothers and fathers who have killed their own little baby girl close their eyes, they see who they really are... Monsters.
  7. again a mistake !!

    I wanted to say better off keeping baby girls...

    And about the assassins, I am, in no way placed to judge them. I know that the true judgment come from the one that did the mistake. And this form of judgment is the beautifullest and hardest one to get ( if you don't trade :D... ).

    Proper Education Always Corrects Errors...