China buying US market up?

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  1. They did it with their market. Shanghai never diped.
    All they need to do is switch from their huge pile of bonds, that they accumulated over the decades, into FAANG stocks.

    Add to that shortcovering + fed stimulus + donks who think fed is never letting markets down + people who also switch from bonds into stocks as its the only yielding thing on planet.

    Real economy aint yielding too as its dead for many years so that money also goes straight into the 5 big for a better return than real business growth/expansion.

    Old Communists rigging the new communists ( US-FED ) markets. Show em how its really done.

    Bond market is twice as big as stock market so who knows were it will end. Surely when all the bonds are converted into stocks.

    Just my opinion.
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  2. Looks about right at the moment. End of month and start of new month will set the pace. I'll go from there. But I've come to the same conclusion you did.
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    Someone selling US market up?

    when there is buying , there will also be corresponding selling.
  4. What impact will be on US market if China did best to overcome it?
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    They've made bank on the way down, one has to wonder if they're sitting on the vaccine.