China builts world's longest bridge

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  1. This is how you do infrastructure projects.

    Meanwhile in the US, citing budget concerns a much needed new tunnel linking NJ to manhattan was canceled AFTER wasting $700 MILLION already.

    Add insult to injury, it took the chinese FOUR years from start to finish to build the 27mile bridge, it took usa FIVE years and $700 million to come up with a fucking PLAN to build a <2 miles tunnel, only to get canceled before construction even starts.

    I really want to be hopeful, but we are not just falling behind, we are getting left in the dust like a third world country by china...

    Qindao Haiwan Bridge:

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  2. Neat thang. Gargantuan-size construction projects tend to occur at long-term peaks in the market. :eek:
  3. time for the treasury to issue greenbacks like Lincoln
  4. It may have more ROI to bridge the Bering Sea.
  5. or the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean. :cool:
  6. For all of you wishing that China's economy collapse soon, you are only wishing. Rest assured that the US's economy will collapse sooner and at a faster rate.
  7. hey we have a celebrity on ET! You're on par for his mental capacity too it seems.
  8. You're going for the "relative value" trade? :D
  9. That is one ugly looking bridge.
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