China building bridge 30 miles long. While we have unpayable debt. Thank you FED, IMF

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  2. Gigantic construction projects tend to be very good, long-term, sell-signals. The Hang Seng should be no different. :cool:
  3. Scary when you think about their rapid ability to surpass the US and their ready focus on infrastructure and resource acquisition.

    China, India and Germany I believe were the key countries Obama mentioned in the SOTU address.
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    I don't think you realize China has no debt, in fact they have surplus.
    I would not short them as a country. In fact I would short the United States if I could. The writing is on the wall, Long Term.
  5. It hasn't been as rapid as most believe. China has been catching up to the USA for quite a number of years now, and still has a lot of catching up to do before it surpasses the USA. Economically and militarily.
  6. In the long run we will always lose to the Chinese, as for the last 5000 yrs of civilization, they have been dominant for 3000 of them, for us its only abt 200. The odds favor them.
  7. Why not move to China? Looks like its the place to be? :cool:
  8. It'll be easier to move there after they complete a 6000 mile long, high-speed, rail line across the Pacific Ocean to the US. Seattle, San Francisco. Los Angeles and San Diego are competing for the terminus! :cool:
  9. Yes, I know that China has a surplus. You and I have very different beliefs about what causes price fluctuation in markets. :cool:
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