China boosts holdings of US Treasury debt by 2 percent in March

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  1. why they keep doing this

    when we use their money to fight wars and undermine their strategic influence?

    when we boycott their goods whenever a product goes wrong?

    when we engage in ethnic pogroms against the chinese people?

    why? why? why?
  2. They do it because they know more and have more information than you or I.
  3. lol, dude you're on the wrong forum. This is Not
  4. They want us to bankrupt ourselves. Since we will probably never have a balanced budget again, they want us dependent on them.
  5. General Director of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Lou Ping said, "We are still going to buy your treasuries because we have nowhere else to put our money. The US is still the biggest economy and the best place to put our money, but we are really upset with you because you are devaluing your currency and you are going to be devaluing ours as well. Except for US treasuries, what can you hold? Gold? ...US treasuries are still the safest haven for everyone...We hate you guys because once you start issuing 1 trillion, 2 trillion or more in dollars we know that the dollar is going to depreciate, but there is nothing else that we can do." (SPAN, Mr. Ping quoted by Dan Burton during House of Representatives Session, February 6, 2009).
  6. Someone who gets it.

    China wants to regain the number one spot in the world which they held for a long time and appear to be setting up to take the spot back

    I hope your teaching your kids zhong wen......
  7. China has increased their investment in the oilsands in Canada. Pretty soon they will have a more reliable source of oil. Till then.. we'll see how strong US dollars can be?

    Only time will tell.
  8. In addition to their outright investments in Canadian oil sands, the Canadian government has also been lobbying China for a while now to step up trade between the two countries, especially oil. I gaurentee that in a few years time, China will have a significant and reliable source of oil from Canada.
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