China-Biotics, Inc. - CHBT

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  1. I notice China-Biotics, Inc., stock symbol CHBT trading at or near historic high price values on increasing volume. I recall reading that China-Biotics, Inc. is a Chinese company in the probiotics business. I interpret quarterly balance sheet shown at as a high equity growth rate, high growth rate of cash and net receivables. Overall I interpret the financial statements as net income, revenue about unchanged, assets, equity, liabilities increasing.

    Recently I notice a number of Chinese growth stocks trading at or near historic high price values. Chinese growth stocks may be a leading group.

    I do not own CHBT stock nor do I intend to.

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  2. They are killing it today. Rumors abound.
    Death is certain Life is not. :)
  3. Congratulations! You're qualified to get a analyst job at a firm that is "too big to fail". :(
  4. There was an article in a chinese newspaper calling CHBT a fraud.
  5. LOL it trades at 70 cents now.
  6. It's amazing that some of these dogs take so long to die.
    Still many around, but no stock to borrow and no options.