China (Beijing) to build largest subway system

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  1. Beijing has anounced plans to build the worlds largest subway system. Looks like China will be gobbling up natural resources for years to come, must have a few other mega projects planned.
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    you won't hear much about China's mega projects.

    The Maglev train has been in service for almost 2 years, yet not many people outside of China knows about it.
    BTW, the Germany train is still under testing.
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  4. I have a question but not about subways but trains. and that is why doesn't the United States have a really fast and safe passenger rail system?..I just don't understand why we don't as this is a big country with many very beautiful places to see and yet, the passenger rail system is the U.S is zilch IMO.
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    not only you don't have trains, you don't even have an auto industry anymore.
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  7. No argument from me :(