China-based ByteDance to retain majority stake in the Oracle buyout

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    Really don't understand what's the point of Oracle spending $billions to buy this company when it's not even going to have a majority stake and the security of all of American users' data are still at risk? This is the practice of fair trade Chinese style. When Disney resort opened in Shanghai, China, Walt Disney could only have 49% ownership with the Chinese counterpart owning 51% majority ownership because the Disney resort is opened on Chinese soil. Well now ByteDance is operating TikTok on the American soil, WHY is an American company, the technology partner only having minority ownership? LOL And second, the whole point of having TikTok banned in America is due to the security and privacy risk of American users' data because ByteDance is owned by the Chinese government. So what's the point of allowing the Chinese government to still own the company just now with America wasting more money to buy just a minority ownership stake? American users' data is still at risk? LOL

    This is why Trump's executive order is very clear: Complete buyout aka 100% ownership or cease to operate in the United States. It does NOT mean minority ownership as just a technical partner. LOL I hope this deal doesn't get approved if the goal is at protecting the security and privacy of American users.
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    Saves China face because they don't want an American country owning their stuff just like America doesn't want China owning their stuff. This split is mutually beneficial in the sense America gets to handle "data security" (lol Oracle) and the app remains Chinese property.

    Simple as that.
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    They don't want an American country owning a Chinese company and yet they force an American company like Walt Disney to accept Chinese country's ownership. LOL Like I said, I guess this is fair trade practice according to China? And they wonder why the whole world doesn't like China except for its money. LOL
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  4. ByteDance refused the Microsoft bid because Microsoft is the biggest spyware-NAS backdoor-data collection company in the world, bar none. Microsoft is MUCH bigger security threat to Americans than a China sing song video company.
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    It's not like Microsoft is going to be operating ByteDance in China collecting Chinese users' data. Why would ByteDance give a f*** about Americans' data security? LOL It's America who's concerned about ByteDance collecting all the private data of Americans and sending them to the Chinese government because all Chinese companies no matter how private they are are all eventually owned by the Chinese government.

    And besides you have no proof that Microsoft has spyware or NAS backdoor collecting data. If they do, you think China would allow them to operate in China for all these years? LOL ByteDance likely rejected Microsoft's bid because Microsoft wants 100% ownership of the operation in United States which is what Trump ordered: a complete buyout and China didn't like it. They accepted Oracle's bid because Oracle was willing to pay more for nothing, just a minority ownership of an empty shell.
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    Quid pro quo, CEO is buddy with someone high up in the executive. Government contracts tossed Oracle's way in exchange for keeping trolling teenagers from reserving all the rally tickets
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