China and russia positioning for iran

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  1. Everything comes down to iran and their non us dollar oil deals with china. if any strike from israel or usa hit iran then china will most like take action. There is strong potential for russian involvement if iran is targeted.

    Both china and russia have been stepping up military activity around the world as the chess pieces move into play for end match.
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    I don't think China or Russia are in a position to take action. China doesn't have a naval presence too far from the China Sea and Russia's navy is not close to being able to confront the U.S.

    Now, if the Obama military cuts go into effect, in a year or so that may be a different story.
  3. Even Mittens is not dumb enuf to do this. Russia and China have both pretty much said overt US military action will be seen as an act of war.

    If the United States, Russia and China get into it, we will not have to worry about the winners, because there won't be any.
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    That's just bullshit. Quit telling people these lies.
  5. They can Google this, as can you.:)
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    And so should you so before you make such inaccurate statements.
  7. obamney are both on track to take military action against iran per their own policy statements. They will go into the hell of global war with israel.

    Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ordered the Jewish state's military to prepare for a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities report released.