China and India currency

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  1. Where I can purchase the China and India currency?
  2. Oanda
  3. Thank you but there are pairs .How about single currencies?
  4. Lucrum


    What did you plan on buying the Chinese and Indian currencies with?
  5. UDS is going to crash. meager banks are investing in this countries.
  6. Lucrum


    Personally I'd worry more about what the major banks are doing as opposed to the meager ones.

    In any case unless you plan on bartering with commodities for your Chinese and Indian currencies you'll need to purchase them with another currency, making the transaction a currency pair.

    If your bearish on the USD then you would sell USD in exchange for the currency your bullish on.
  7. I was thinking about major not meager,sorry...
  8. I am going to ask again. Where I can buy China and India currencies? But must be single, not pairs. Oanda has pairs and if I short the USD they charge big interest
  9. jerry

    everything is in pairs


    if you buy a chinese xxx

    then you need to pay for it with a

    pick your other side of the pair

    In your case you probably want China/usd and India/usd. Or the opposite. Be careful to get your longs and shorts right.
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