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    Hello guys,

    Have you seen the volume on Zhengzhou and Dalian exchanges?

    Holy crap.

    CBOT corn volume looks like rough rice there...:eek:
  2. where do you get this information Esignal doesn't seem to have those exchanges available.

    I guess their website is one place to look I was thinking of it in a software package...
  3. time to learn mandarin
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    You can get live quotes/charts without an account/paying a cent. Although it probably does help to read Mandarin...

    I've used this program:

    This actually also gives you real-time quotes for CME futures as well.
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    I was just reading Futures Industry Magazine yesterday. They give top ten volume instruments per group( ag, metals, energy... ). I don't remember exactly but in ags, CBOT corn is like 4th place , sugar 6th, Soybean 7th, all the rest is chinese and indian. The most traded instrument in White Sugar in Zhengzhou. Dalian soybean trades more than Chicago.

    CME is also not the first derivatives exchange in the world( futures + options ) anymore. It's KSE.

    I am waking up I guess.
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  7. I downloaded and tried to run it but it came up with a dialogue box saying "????" and that was it.

    I suppose that I need to enable Chinese on my computer.....actually I am studying Mandarin but have not yet got very far....
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    Does anyone on ET trade Chinese ag futures and through which broker?
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    look at how much one contract is worth and what the min tick is
  10. you've got that in dollars correct?
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