China afraid to be like America

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  1. I was watching this video about Chinese Cab drivers and about 3 minutes or so in there is a very short conversation between the american guy and the cab driver (apparently the american was fluent in chinese) But it went like this...

    American: You Chinese are now pretty powerful. For Real.

    Chinese driver: No, we are not as powerful as America. Whoever doesnt obey America, gets punished. China is afraid to be like this.

    I thought this was a great insight to see how normal everyday people look at us and possible a reason why china hasnt dumped all our treasuries and collapsed our currency yet. Perhaps they are afraid to be the lone superpower in the world and force their beliefs on a world that has so many differing beliefs from them. Let Obama destroy the country himself, so the chinese do not get blamed. Just speculation on my part but maybe its something like that.

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  2. It will happen sooner than you think. The commercials on CCTV channels are very Westernized.

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    But I always thought of the possiblity of Chinese dumping our debt and try declare an economic war on us. Since China has Nukes, in a Nuke war who really wins?
  4. At least we and the Russians have acknowledged the fallacy of having "20,000 nukes at the ready".. Since, we've trimmed nuclear capabilities... but still have enough on both sides to obliterate Planet Earth.

    In an "all out, nuclear war"... nobody wins.... nearly every living thing dies.
  5. the Chinese are not interested in becoming a Superpower and taking responsibilities for the world.

    The great wall was built as much as to keep people out as to keep their own people in.

    During the Ming dynasty, with the imperial navy 3 times the size of the Spanish armada, the imperial court basically grounded his entire fleet when they came back with emissaries and stuff, too much trouble for them:D