China $50 Trillion

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  1. I was thinking if China wants to rule the world militarily then China would have to build an army of 400 million soldiers and provide AK - 47 rifle to each soldier. That would cost some $ 5 Trillion for AK - 47 alone. Add another $ 5 trillion for bullets. Now China will need battle tanks, fighter planes, navy, transport vehicles and aircraft, fuel, food, clothing for soldiers.

    So China will have to spend some $50 Trillion if China wants to rule the world militarily.

    The same applies to India.
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    China has had a long history of being the economic trading superpower of the world, perhaps they are attempting to rule the world economically again. Can we stop it? We do have a large army but we are already sick of these resource wars and the Chinese have an unlimited surplus of young fighting age men with no wives to be able to send anywhere in the world it is fact that they have boasted that they can field an army of 200 million men...

    People complain about the US invading overtly; but what about countries like China? They are taking over countries in a covert and sometimes clandestine way. China, are the geo-political centre of world destruction.
  3. The cost of a ak47 is not that high. The M16 which is much more exspensive is reduced in price when purchased in bulk. The British army was quoted a £150 unit cost to restock their rifles with M16.

    You can get a ak47 for $50 in some parts of the world. You are looking at a cost of $20 billion to stock 400,000.
  4. I think a AK 47 rifle cost $4000 to $10,000 and China would have to provide a AK 47 to 400,000,000 soldiers.
  5. So if they both do it, then who rules?

    The U.S. has some cards we can play well above these guys IMO and these countries are a long, long way from world dominance in any way.
  6. Yeah, the clue to world politics is that the US has already spent that much ... :D :D
    Now we have an economic cripple that is a military mammoth... :confused:
  7. No trust me that is the individual personal cost of buying one. You can get them for $50 second hand and if you fit an army with them they can pretty much match that price.
  8. AK-47 rifle with 2 mags, case and a bayonet for $489. And thats retail.
  9. Now I understood why all terrorists have AK - 47.

    I always thought, how could all terrorists have $10,000 Ak - 47?