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    This thread is about the Chimp Cross, Japanese Candlesticks, and other simple trading strategies and their TradeStation applications.
    So we are all on the same page, here is the basic reading list.

    The Chimpanzee Cross

    A simple Candlestick Primer.

    This is a favorite site of mine. You can get a 2 free week trial on this and download all the material on this page for use. Don Miller is one of my favorite teachers.

    And a free site to learn about charting.

    And a disclaimer.
    All ideas presented may or may not be actual trades.
    Anyone posting off topic, off color or offensive posts will be deleted.:D
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    cathy how has the chimp been for you this week?
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    This is a TradeStation Easy Language that is a basic Strategy for the Chimp Charts written by LightningSmurf.
    Tell me what you think?
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    I have not been trading for a few weeks. Bob was in and out of the hospital. But today there were some really great Chimp setups. Too bad I had to take care of paperwork:D
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    On the chart below...
    I picked a really perfect set up to illustrate this.

    A is the 13 min EMA cross.

    B is the 1 min EMA cross after the cross on the greater trend. You would enter the short here.
    B on the stochs is the confirmation of the down trend.

    C shows the triggers for the cross confirms the other.
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    Chimp chart for today
  7. Glad to hear bob is okay. Now quit goofing off and get back to work. There is only so much hair to be plucked you know!!!

  8. When I wrote that "Chimp Charts" code I did so without any real understanding of the technique. I was just wondering if it was close to what Cathy was doing?
    If I recall correctly, that code had no positive expectancy on most etf's and equities.
    If you want the Chimp Charts EL, I suggest you ask someone who knows the technique to help you with the coding.
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    I realized it was not a finished strategy and was hoping some "expert" might be able to modify it so that it works better.
    I just really appreciated you sending that to me to try.
    :) Cathy
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