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    They've redone their website since opening offices in Boston and Santa Monica. Has anyone seen the trading floor in Santa Monica? The pics they've got up on their website show a nice office The only other nice office I've seen out in LA is the Assent office off Bundy (after a few months working in a place with a hole in the wall, i'm not that hard to please)
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    Does'nt matter how nice this place looks, its still a churn and burn shop.
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    I see your point.

    I use to work in a place that gets a bad rap on ET for chopping folks up. I've read through all the threads on chimera. Honestly, the only reason I take things like this with a grain of salt is because everyone has a different experience. Worse yet, you'd be surprised how many people bash on something, like rebate trading, without having ever tried it.

    Again, thanks for the warning. What i'd really like to know is what the office looks like, because unlike the atmosphere/trading manager/environment, its going to stay relatively unchanged.

    *don't get me wrong, i'm not saying trading for rebates is great or positioning is better. I don't have an opinion on it either way because despite being relatively inexperienced, i've seen it work both ways.
  4. Most of the "prop shop" websites are borderline dishonest. Almost pretending they "hire" you. But I guess if you have little dough and limited equipment...go ahead and play in their little arcade.
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    I traded for a few months in 3 different offices, everyone with 1-2 people in a dark room.

    It was lonely. Can anyone relate to this?

    I have a fresh start ahead of me after returning to uni, and with the prospect of going back out into the world, I know how I'd do things differently.

    As much as I dislike noisy outside distractions, I'd be happier trading on a nice floor with 20 traders vs. a small, dark room that can support at most 5 traders.

    Thats where I'm going with this question on Chimera, just whether or not anyone has even seen the trading floor (not in NY, just Santa Monica)
  6. I knew one guy from Chicago that was a partner and he was a stand up guy and honest. I am not sure if he is still around but they are using his name , thus he may still be in charge.

    Some prop or arcade deals are very good but you have to deal with some crap to weed out the wannabe from the true trade shop. Ask to see some profitable sheets.
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    Thats where I'm going with this question on Chimera, just whether or not anyone has even seen the trading floor (not in NY, just Santa Monica) [/B][/QUOTE]

    Their office is in Assent's LA office on Bundy Drive. Chimera only has a handful of traders there. From what I hear the Bundy Drive office is quite nice - don't know anything about how good the traders there are though.
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    I know where the Assent office is located, the building on Bundy. Does anyone happen to know the exact location of the Chimera office in Santa Monica? (like, which floor)

    They wanted to interview, but that was months after I sent a resume. I'm looking to just drop by.
  9. you have to apply there? i know someone who currently trades at their ny office. did they change their policy? most assent offices including the one i am at will let you trade at the office woth no problem at all. you do not have to apply.
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    I went to the Bundy building and looked in their directory. The Assent branch is listed among other business, but no Chimera.

    I called the front desk at Assent and asked if they knew of a Chimera in the building, answer being no. Same with the front receptionist/security guy. not there to his knowledge...but then again he was a little hard on his english.

    anybody know where the Chimera LA office is located?
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