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  1. Looking at joining their boston office.

    Have heard so many different things on them.

    Anyone who acutally worked there in the last year know what they are about?

    Will you actually learn how to trade? i.e. strategy building, recognizing reliable indicators

    Or will you learn scalping techniques, and then hope one strategy is enough to make money?

    Is it better to look for a clerk job and just hope I will be able to work my up?

    I am really interested in getting in with a prop firm that will give me the experience to become a succesful trader. I have the requisite skills, I am just looking for a place with reliable training.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    why can't you make a judgement call if you spoke to people?
  3. this is my first post. i simply read ohter's posts. most of which had not worked there in over 2years.

    I was just trying to get some constructive info on them.
    thats all
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    be careful when you make a statement.


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    I am currently pursuing the CFA level one, and will continue for all three regardless. I am in an entry level finance job that is mind numbing, but at least getting my feet wet. I got an interview at Chimera capital for a new trader position. Trading sound right up my alley and very interesting. Up untill now I have been in buy and hold type of positions. CME from 199 to 305 was one of my better picks (I know I got out to early). Anyways, I have a friend who trades on the merck in chi town and he seems to think I'd do well at it. I have had trouble locating info on chimera and have heard mixed things from this web site.

    Is Chimera Capital a good place to start?
    Am I better off sluggin out getting the CFA one and then looking into trading positions at more established firms?

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  5. WELL mistake.


    I have heard chimera capital is a "churn&burn shop"

    what does that mean?

    also, I have heard prop firms that put up their capital are good places to start.

    seems odd a place that puts up the money would be an "asian sclaping academy" or a place that "only lets you scalp" if they have a vested interest in you makign money.
    both are quotes from other threads regarding chimera.

    thank you for pointing out my inaccuracy.
    and I have talked to people and have recieved great advice on CFA vs. trading career.
  6. LOL

    They don't care if u make money or not as long as they make money on the overrides. Chances are, if you start making significant money you will leave cause their rates suck along with a few other things. For a manager making money on overrides, the ideal trader is one that makes some money where he will keep on trading volume in his neverending quest but never enough where he can put aside 5k, go look for another firm and allow himself an interruption in cash flow as he adjusts to new software surrounings, etc.

    Another thing, if you do not put up any capital, they can tell you how to trade which is exactly what Chimera does. Force an old played out NYOB scalping style that is ideal for minimizing gross losses and maximizing commission revenues.
  7. thanks hydro. I was just looking for explanation. I'll look for a firm that requires a cap contribution and has a reputible trainning program, b/c i got firm capital just seemed like a way around that risk.

    I applied to first securities, but I am not holding my breadth they seem like the place everyone wants to be.

    thanks again.