Chilean fascist kicks bucket

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  1. You truly represent the evil that is represented by the chickenshits and the imperialists who pollute our society. Why are you always trying to impose the will of the US imperialists on other countries around the world? I am so glad that the US people are starting to understand the stupidity propagated by faggots like you and are slowly crushing these low lives.
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  2. Grow up, idiot.

    The Chinese are spying on you, the Israeli's are blackmailing one of your gay Congressmen and the mullah's of Iran are preaching to millions that eternal redemption will come to those who destroy you.

    Those concerns equate to vested interest. In the future wars won't resemble a hyped version of "A Night in Black America" like our mission in Iraq. Rather whole populaces will bear collective responsibility for either their nation's government or religious ideology. It's not America who's plotting genocide. If you believe that then you're one sick puppy.
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  3. Ok, vested interests.........
    So are we too conclude, massive, covert fraud, brought about directly by these "genius " chicago economists, directly aiding pinochet's personal bankroll-
    helping sell off previously public (national!!) interests and assets, as simply the price of free market reform?

    Huh? Something missing there.
    Automatically assuming, all of the murder/torture victims, were "SCUM", or "a few innocents" being killed as a great thing, that actually acheived a greater good is patently absurd. Brainwashing at its best.
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  4. mc312


    This is total bullshit. There is no logic in your argument. Allende was democractically elected, some terrorist governments in the Middle East were democractically elected, so therefore Allende was rightfully overthrown? That's what you're trying to imply? What crimes did Allende ever commit? He pissed off American corporations by nationalizing Chile's natural resources. If a significant portion of our natural resources were controlled by foreign companies and our government decided to nationalize them, you and the other ignoramuses that make up too much of this country would hail the action as patriotic.

    Regardless of how irresponsibly the word is used by some leftists, the United States' actions in Latin America have almost always been "imperialist." The popularity of Marxist movements in that part of the world has been a result of the U.S. support for dictatorships and oligarchies friendly to American businesses that kept the working classes living in squalid conditions much worse than those that American workers endured before the labor movement. The Soviet Union and other foreign powers never had to intervene to promote communism, we promoted it ourselves with our own actions.
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  5. I think you need some growing up and then try to grow some brain cells. Don't blame me for your poor genetic makeup...

    Who should we blame for supplying money and arms to the puppet govts. of Latin America killing thousands in the name of fighting "commie"nism?

    By the way, go and hide under your sister's skirt... you are not man enough to keep your words.
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  6. I think you are overstating things. No doubt the US did support unsavory regimes during the Cold War when the alternative appeared to be allowing communist takeovers that would have resulted in the Soviets having bases in latin america. No doubt we are still dealing with some of the backlash from that support, but I'm not convinced we had much choice.

    As for Allende, he was supposedly turning the country over to Castro, much as Chavez is doing now, only in those days, Cuba was a force to be reckoned with as it was the Soviets major proxy. Cuban mercenaries were dispatched all over the globe to provide firepower for communist wars of aggression. The Chilean secret police had been infiltrated with Cubans and Cuban "trainers" were arriving en mass in Chile, alarming the nationalists.

    Some of the history of Pinochet is debatable, but one fact is not. He voluntarily returned power to a democrat, civilian government, something that Castro will never do.
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  7. Pinochet lost the referendum and the public outcry was so strong that he could not hold on to his "presidency". By the way, Chavez is doing the correct thing now... not letting the vultures feed on the Venezuelan natural resources.

    Some interesting facts on CIA and asshole pinochet.
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