Chilean fascist kicks bucket

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  1. Stupid statements like this cause you to appear moronic.

    Are you crediting Chavez for Venezuela's petro revenue?

    Have you ever visited Santiago? Or Caracas? If you've been to both I'd guess you too were startled by the difference. In fact Santiago and perhaps BA are the only cities in SA that the average American would feel comfortable living. Of course you being a Louisianian, Caracas probably feels more than a bit like home.....
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  2. As usual you and AAA get it. Pinochet was a hero who ultimately SAVED lives by killing scum..........
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  3. [​IMG]

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    What you showed here is called "well chosen example".
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    Looks like leftist Venezuela isn't doing that badly. They have oil and that is their source of wealth.
    Are you truly serious with this example? I find it hard to believe.
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    Quote from Cesko:

    Chile's GDP per capita second best after Argentina.

    You are mistaking me with the other guy, (I didn't say anything about GDPs) but since both countries are capitalist, you don't have a point here...

    Regarding democracy, after experiencing "democracy" in action here in the U.S.,

    I am sorry, but so far you haven't, thus your premise is already faulty.

    I don't think all people should automatically have the right to vote.

    Because that would be democratic? So only people who agree with YOU, should be allowed to vote. That is called dictatorship...

    That's where socialist garbage gets its power from,through retarded most common denominator which has no clue.

    Already adressed this in my previous post. Democracy doesn't say just how smart are the people. If they vote for something bad, you have to take it. Like marriage...

    If there is a country closest to the ideal of democracy it's Switzerland. Interesting thing, Swiss didn't allow women to vote until 1972, guess why.

    Let me guess, women are better at money management? So now that those damn wumen are able to vote, Switzerland still #1 on your list?

    Why didn't you pick an Arab country where everyone vote for the only party and women can't vote? THAT would be your favorite example...

    P.S. USA wasn't democracy until (roughly) WW1.

    Did you know that women can vote in the US? Also people not agreeing with you. There is no such a thing as a perfect world...
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    What the fuck are you talking about???
    All I can say you got me. I am out of here.
    I am not gonna waste my time explaining my points.
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  9. Democracy is not a religion. Just because a leader was democratically elected does not mean he cannot be evil. We see that now in the middle east, with terrorist governments being elected by popular vote. Should that insulate them from accountability or responsibility for their actions?

    It is ironic that many of the same people who vilify Pinochet and the CIA were all in favor of our forcing regime change in the former Yugoslovia. They thought Clinton was brilliant to engage in high altitude terror bombing of civilians. They object to regime change in Iraq however. They seem to think it is acceptable for us to act only when we have no vital interests at stake.

    Would we be worse off if we had backed the coup that briefly overthrew the Castro-wannabe thug Chavez in Venezuela? Our sqeemishness resulted in him reclaiming power and being able to use their oil wealth to export marxism to every country in the region and back a guerilla army destablizing our best ally Colombia.
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  10. Please... morons like you should not post...

    I credit for Chavez managing the petro revenue properly and not letting the vultures feasting on it.

    Of course, morons like you will make fun of one of America's state... Ooopss... I forgot you are from Afganistan.
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