Chilean fascist kicks bucket

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    True he killed people, but no other regime, even Nazi killed as many of its own people as communists.

    Guys, soviets killing counts goes in MILLIONS, YES MILLIONS. Just collectivisations alone in 20s is responsible for 5-10 millions deaths.

    And you calling Pinochet a monster.
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  2. Yes, I am calling him a monster. He is as evil as the others who have killed the in the name of suppressing opposition. Stalin and Lenin were monsters too. It is sad that our tax dollars went to support this monster and that is what I have a problem with. Trying to lighten Pinochet's crime by giving examples of crimes committed by communists is not acceptable in my opinion.
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    Imagine for a second what would happen to Chile under communists. It would be the same type of killigs only at a much larger scale and ruined economy.

    Unfortunately our world is not a pretty place in a lot of countries. Out of 2 evils a lesser one should be chosen.
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  4. I do not agree with you about the killings. It is speculation. Do you think that logic will hold up in a court of law? Facts talk, speculation walks. Pinochet was pure evil and maybe the worse of the two evils. I am speculating that there have been more deaths in South and Central America because of meddling by CIA in the name of fighting commies.
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    You know, you are right, it is a pure speculation (what could have should have). Let's drop it.
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    It is so widely thought, that today BBC reported this news as such.... :)
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    Pinochet is responsible for probably the only one properly functioning country in SA. What's more human, few socialist scumbags dead (incl. alcoholic Allende) or country in disarray(Cuban way and far more people dead in a long run).

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  9. Latin American Countries listed by GDP.

    Rank Country 2006 GDP
    millions of US dollars
    — World 44,168,157
    — Latin America 2,823,173
    1 Brazil 966,827
    2 Mexico 811,282
    3 Argentina 219,652
    4 Venezuela 164,416
    5 Chile 140,389
    6 Colombia 129,384

    Per Capita Income of countries around the world. Check it to find the Per Capita Income of Chile and compare it to other communist or leftist countries in that region.

    Chile 4930 5870 51
    Venezuela, RB 4030 4810 59

    (a couple of countries have a higher per capita income than Chile that are part of Latin America:
    Antigua and Barbuda 10130 10920 35
    Trinidad and Tobago 9070 10440 37 )

    Population of Venezuela:26,749,000

    Population of Chile:16,132,674

    Looks like leftist Venezuela isn't doing that badly. They have oil and that is their source of wealth.
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  10. The Republicans don't care for democracy. They say they do but in reality they don't. It seems they don't have much respect for the DEMOCRATICALLY elected Allende. They have MUCH respect for a murduring dictator named Pinochet.
    Democracy runs a poor second to ideology.
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