Chilean fascist kicks bucket

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  1. Pinochet saved his country from communist oppression. He fronted a coup widely thought to be CIA-backed that tossed out Castro stooge Allende. Allende had invited large numbers of Cubans into Chile under the guise of assistance, but they clearly were the vanguard for a communist takeover. Luckily, in those days we had a CIA which was capable and not afraid to take action. Today, Chile would have been sentenced to decades of communist oppression and misery, similar to what Venezuela will experience.

    The international left has always despised Pinochet with the special fervor they reserve for those who defeat communism. The great man, who should be ranked among Latin America's heroes, vacated his office and turned the country over to democracy, something his enemy Fidel will never do. In exchange, he was granted lifetime immunity but the craven leftists who run Chile reneged on that promise and tried to prosecute him. He was also subject to a despicable prosecution by an out of control Spanish magistrate, aided and abetted by the British government who held him under house arrest when he traveled there for medical treatment. That episode is testimony to why we should never agree to join the International Criminal Court, unless we want our democratically elected leaders persecuted by leftist kangeroo courts.

    No doubt Pinochet's coup was brutal and some innocents were killed. That is unfortunate but pales in comparison to the brutal repression and murders perpetrated by communists, about which the international community is strangely silent. They reserve their hatred for those who support freedom and democracy and who are allies of the US.
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  3. I dont much care which mob is conducting political assasinations, dumping bodies in mass graves or in the sea, or failing to even give so much as a wink to some variety of legal due process.

    The marxist government was democratically elected-not that it means much.

    I didnt know the deposed leader killed himself with a machine gun, given to him by castro though, an odd fact if true......while pinochet was just a murderer, arguably no better than any other dictator.

  4. innit:D

    And before anyone attempts to point out he "restored democracy" by stepping down , he did so from age and ill health, not exactly as wonderful as it may appear.
    It only suggests he was smart enough to take his fleeced millions and retire comfotrably.

    If benevolent dictatorship is so widely regarded as the most efficient, effective form of government, how come there have never been any truly benevolent dictators?
  5. allende didn't kill himself..that is a myth
  6. Lol, yeah.
    "The former head of state was found this morning, with a machine gun by his side and a number of bullet wounds. "

    ="suspected suicide", :eek:
  7. Makes me wonder though, how extensive the supposed cuban /commie influence was.

    It was precisely because of the us embargo on cuba, that promoted the marxist/commies in the area-had a more sensible approach been taken, odds are all of these "troublesome " little nations with socialist leanings, would have been staunch pro US governments (if not democracies as such, but reagan and thatcher loved pinochet after all) for the last 25 years or so.

    Kissinger certainly did leave his mark on the world. And still is............
  8. Pinochet was a motherfucking monster. The world is better off with the him dead. It is sad that we had backed such monsters and the ghosts of the past are now haunting us. These animals like Pinochet, UBL etc are like coal... if you touch them when they are not burning you get dirt on your hands, you touch them when they are burning your get a burn. They are best cast aside and left alone.

    Only the retards in our society consider that killer of Chile a great man...
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