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  1. back from my trip to Columbia and Chile. We opted not to invest in projects located in Columbia but rolled 100 million of our clients (CHINA) money into some serious acreage of Monterey Pine. There are Great amounts of commodities in Chile and many are in massive demand.

    We also cked up on our Port (Shipping) investments. A lot of Activity moving in and out of CHILE.

    Attached is a basic study starting in 1st quarter 2011, nothing to complicated as most of our stats are not released to the public. This simple report is does not
    give to much info on what we are doing in Chile.

    Columbia, nothing there that interested clients.

  2. Chile is good. Chile is very good. :cool:
  3. 1) I have an idea about why you're not doing any business in.......C-O-L-O-M-B-I-A! :eek: :mad:
    2) Does Chili's restaurant operate in Chile? :confused:
  4. Yup....Chile is oiling itself well for boom. How long did you spend there?:)
  5. South America is on it's way to glory after the U.S. tumbles. Brazil and Chile both have bright futures ahead of them.