children in the street in the US

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  2. Yep, that's pretty much how we do things here in the good ol' US of A.

    It's been like this for decades ... I don't know why they're making such a big deal out of it now.
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    watch the mod tgregg shunt this to chit chat as he cannot bear to hear the truth.

    it is the increase which is making the headlines.
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    Now 3rd world countries are developing and getting rich. Whereas USA and Europe are collapsing and becoming like 3rd world countries.
  5. Apparently, there's something so alluring about shitting in a coffee can.
  6. They always say kids are growing up too fast, perhaps they realize it's all pointless.

    Get a job, get a car, live on your own, get a std, have a kid, get fucked up, do it all over again. Oh yea , don't forget to go to wall mart and buy something
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  8. this thread is absurd, right where it belongs :D
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    When will this be unnaceptable to human beings as a society? Here is the thing, it is already unnaceptable to us as individuals that people live like cattle or wild dogs.

    What is it that changes that to unnaceptable as a society? What would I do? I would have a task force in every city whose job was to patrol the streets, call it the Help Patrol or Help Task Force, wearing uniforms of peace, green with a red cross, and look for people that had hid rock bottom. I would then on the spot have food, medical help, and offer to help. It is important to realize that people that have been beaten down this bad, they may have at one time been psychologically able, but this could easily cause mental illness. The person(s) helping would have to be trained to know all these things, and probably woud need to speak at least Spanish as well as English, but the task force would have different languages bilingual agents.

    100% unconditionally unnaceptable.
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    "children in the street in the <s>US</s> Chit Chat Forum"

    Don't you guys have any children in the streets in Canada?
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