Child Rapist avoids death sentence

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Should child rapists be executed?

  1. Absolutely.

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  2. Absolutely not.

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  3. Only in certain cases.

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  1. schlap

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    Death is a welcome relief from the plane of suffering.. why would you want to do him that favour?
    #71     Jul 2, 2008
  2. Senseless, random, you'd think the bear would know better. Tough one, for sure.
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  3. :D That bear must be some kind of wild animal.

    Not to forget the seriousness of the thread topic, but that was funny Nutmeg!
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  4. So he isn't set free to rape - and possibly murder - another child.

    It's not about venegeance. It's about preventing it from happening again AND weighing the costs to society of keeping them incarcerated.

    Instead of spending the 30-40 grand a year it costs annually for each prisoner, how about allocating that money instead toward the psychiatric care and recuperation of the raped child instead?
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  5. Yes, this makes good sense.
    It seems crazy that a systems law sometimes puts a drug addict in prison longer than a rapist, when a drug addict has a chemical dependency need ,and broke the law to self medicate, but the child rapist is an animal that rapes and kills a child with no remorse. Something is very wrong with that to me.
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  6. Hapa, you know that I'm no expert on these matters, so you can take my recommendation with a grain of salt. I simply wanted to exclude pubescent 'early-developing' children who may have some adult-like physical characteristics, just to make the example as clear-cut as possible. Obviously, when a person of ANY age is raped, the attacker should always be due some serious punishment.
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  7. If you are in the woods, the risk goes with the territory. Likewise, humanity is in the woods. All are in the woods per a series of unfortunate decisions. In this case, the bikers were even warned. In the woods, are the bears innocent or guilty? Bears do what they do, regardless of gender or age. Likewise, human predators are natural to the thought system that makes the world. Whether human or animal, the attack phenomena originates before the foundation of the world, and is carried out in various ways.

    Here is but another bizzarre form of attack, showing that attack is coming from every possible source sans sanity. I'm hoping you get the clue that this can't be real. Let it initiate doubt about what you think the world is, or what it is for. Open your mind up to question everything. Appearances decieve. Ask why.

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  8. In cell #1 : Pedophile predator
    In cell # 2 : Bear, doing its thing
    In cell #3 : Woman, just married, cuts baby out of mother for her own.
    In cell #4 : All of mankind
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  9. Grain of salt taken.

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  10. A life story is written on a piece of paper however long or short. A tragedy occurs at some particular point in time and it is as if the piece of paper is crumbled into a ball and tossed into a waste basket. One can retrieve it and attempt to un wrinkle the paper and smooth it out flat or leave it in the waste basket.

    There is no shortage of evil that men do, it has all been done before, the busines at hand is healing, somehow.
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