Child Rapist avoids death sentence

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Should child rapists be executed?

  1. Absolutely.

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  2. Absolutely not.

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  3. Only in certain cases.

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  1. Elizabeth Smart recently gave an interview to a magazine.
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  2. Do whatever you want to do for the child. While you are doing it, keep things in perspective. If you lose your perspective, you will lose touch with solutions. There are miracles in store for every problem, should you prepare your mind to recieve and distribute them. I can assure you that the miraculous is inaccessible while you look at the problem without regard to reality.

    If you can see such things, your "eyes" are already closed to reality, and "open" to horror. The intent to see horror instead of reality has been dissociated. You have forgotten how you chose to view/experience unreality as a scripted format. So too has every "child", most of whom cannot even remember *previous* scripts of other incarnations. Some can. My emphasis is that these are ongoing scripts [one script] in which childhood is a continuation of horrific episodes. Rape is one of many types of trauma which regularily/randomly visit children.

    The script may be considered entirely in the *past*. There really is no such thing as the *past*, but the script makes it up. While it was made, our Savior made another script, making a whole other world that is in answer to every scripted decision that drives the players further away from the truth. As a result, there is a solution for every problem which does not require any time to realize. Solutions stand back of, adjacent to, beyond, simultaneous with all apparent problems. It requires a mind open to the miraculous to "see" the solutions. If you are not willing to see things the way I see them, you further position yourself to withold unloving gestures in answer to the worlds alledged problems.

    So there is another world, standing back of this one in which there are no problems, no horrors, no nonsense. You can't see it while you opt to see this world instead. The world behind this one is possible because both are optical phenomena of consciousness. Whereas this world offers an optical delusion, the 'real world' offers an optical solution. It too is a world of symbols, as is this one, all just as 'real' as all of the symbols you currently percieve. While this world drives you further from the truth, the 'real world' entices you toward the truth. Truth and Reality are one, unaware of the world you think you see and which you think is real. The 'real world' I speak of entices you to choose to return to Reality, leaving consciousness, perception, symbols and "sight" behind forever. The 'real world' is a place to put away the toys of judgement from your mind. There, this world will be "toys in the attic".

    At least you are a good person, even if you don't want to be in reality. The 'real world' and it's laws are the basis for healing in this one. Position yourself to supercede this world and it's horrors with the strength of true law from beyond it.

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  3. So let me get this straight. A pedophile rapes a child and the fault lies not with the pedophile but with others who 'failed to protect' the child?

    I see.

    If a stranger walks up to you on the street and smashes you in the face, whose fault is that? Yours, for failing to protect yourself?

    How do we protect children against premeditated criminal acts perpetrated upon them by strangers??

    Sorry, nutmeg. This is why the right has a case about the left absurdly blaming the victims of crime. I have to say that this statement just jumped out at me as being very hard to understand.
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  4. The entire concept of victimhood is false, although this world is hell-bent to prove it true. It's tempting to blame, but blame is a correlary concept which upholds the concept of victimhood. Taking responsibility does not need to equate to taking blame. Assigning responsibility does not need to equate to placing blame. Placing or taking blame subverts salvation. There is a saying, "It is what it is". In the case of the world, it is not true!. If you could suspend your belief in the concept of victimhood for even five minutes, the truth could possibly seed itself in your mind, exposing this world as a complete sham as it takes root.

    Accept the truth. After all, the truth accepts the untrue for what it is. Why not return the favor?

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  5. A pedophile rapes a child and the fault lies not with the pedophile but with others who 'failed to protect' the child?
    No, that is not what I am saying. In this instance the guy had molested in the previous two years the victims cousin. This is not his admission, it was others (not admissible) who knew about this. Why wasn't anything done at the time. Where was this girls mother or gaurdians? No one protected the first victim.

    Round two, the mother of the this victim believes the step father is innocent (18 months). Break down of communication or non existent between mother and daughter.

    This girl had no one to tell or talk to?

    I'm referring to the 80% where the child victim knows the perp, these are the instances where someone could have done a better job of protecting the child.

    Yes the fault 100% is the pedophile. They are not compelled to do these acts, (as in I needed to steal food because I was hungry).
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  6. The world expresses the false idea that it is possible things can happen to the Son of God without his will. The world bears witness to this, though it is false witness. It *tells* You that You were right about the Son's alledged vulnerability. But the witnesses are biased, trained to demonstrate what is false. All testimony is predisposed, prescribed, pre-monished, prescripted, and pre-mortem.

    There is no such thing as a "child" in Reality. The Son of God is an equal, without birth, without beginning or end, perfect, without a need to learn anything. Conversly, the idea of "child" opposes the truth about Reality, and sets up the conditions in which the concept of vulnerability can be proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Do not fall for it. All players in this game are equal, and equally responsible. Dispute this at your own peril. The game is nasty. Every hour you play it is another opportunity for *proof* to force it's alleged truth upon you.

    Playing this game is like running with a herd of antelope. You know darn well that lions are going to roam about, picking off the weak, the slow...whatever they can. So you seek safety near the center of the herd mentality, hoping the next victim will not be "you". Meanwhile, the herd is hurt as it runs a gauntlet through lion territory. By running toward the center of the herd mentality, you can dissociate yourself from the vulnerable fringes. This produces the experience of unique individuality. If you no longer identify with the herd, you can dissociate your awareness from what is actually happening. It hides the fact that this is what you want. What's happening is you are deliberately running through lion territory to prove you can be hurt. Children are players in this game, no more strong or weak than the rest. In many ways, their weakness protects them by surrounding them with the "strong". But the rate at which children are picked off relative to adults is the same. The entire herd is being decimated every day, so long as time persists. If you dissociate yourself from the lions, then you can prolong this game. The fact is, you are the herd and the lions, and this is a farce, to prove Reality can be hurt. The term, "We are the world" applies here. "We" are proving that "we" can be hurt, subverting the truth about our Self. Pain and suffering goes with the territory.

    Therefore, prevention must be replaced with abandonment, if the end of pain and suffering is the goal. This can only be achieved by a return to Reality. There is no way to prepare for the world, and prevent it from hurting you at the same time.

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  7. See the "lion" analogy above.

    There is a way to manifest invulnerability. But it cannot be achieved within the herd mentality.

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  8. oh boy.... I might learn more than I bargained for {:>) but I'll bite. How can I manifest invulnerability? But first, am I on the right track - defenselessness ensures our safety?

    p.s. I always admire people who get to the finish line before me. Buffett espoused a card with twenty punches. We each have about 20 opportunities in our life time to make good investments. My timing has been off on occasions.
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  9. p.p.s. OTH, do I need to manifest my invulnerability? I feel pretty much okay the way I am.
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  10. I understand how the death penalty could cause a rapist to kill their victim to hide testimony, and this is a good argument against death penalty. And the "evolution of decency" explains that to become a better people we can not kill people because of their crime, becasue then we are only as bad as the criminal. I see the evolution of decency argument very flawed. We are not as bad as the criminal for taking the crimninals life. The criminal (child rapist) sometimes brutally hurts his victim along with rape. And the victims can be as young as 2 years old. The rapist is not "decent", and to remove him from hurting again would be a decent act. It is not about sex for that kind of rapist, it is more savage. If it was about sex, which is healthy and normal, then the rapist would go have sex with someone.
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