Child Rapist avoids death sentence

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Should child rapists be executed?

  1. Absolutely.

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  2. Absolutely not.

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  3. Only in certain cases.

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  1. I symbolize the truth in a world premised upon ignoring it. The world is an escape from truth, built in fear, on the run, as a defense against the truth. So it is the ultimate escape from love. It is a barrier to communication which invents words precisely to block communication. The world is like kids playing under a blanket with flashlights, exchanging horror stories, asserting their "knowledge" about where babies come from. It is the epitome of escapism.

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  2. A lot of people are scumbags and commit crimes so heinous that they don't deserve to live. If you are in a room smaller than a normal man's bathroom 23 hours per day and allowed 1 hour outside your room to workout (we do have maximum security prisons with those conditions) then death is an easy way out and living is the punishment. Because of that, I would go as far as to say that life in a maximum security prison is worse than death.
    Furthermore, there have many cases of innocent people being executed. Some people say that that's a necessary cost; however, since the death penalty has been shown to have no deterring effect on crime, the potential for wrongful convictions is tremendous.

    My biggest issue with the death penalty comes from my distrust of the government. Empowering the government to kill its citizens by providing them with a legitimate excuse ultimately jeopardizes civil rights and individual freedom in a democratic state. Murderers and child rapists suffer just as much, if not more, than criminals who get executed - living in deplorable prison conditions is hell.
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  3. If there were no death penalty, then, there would be no "easy way out", while the wrongful conviction rate would remain the same. So there will be as many or more wrongfully convicted living in deplorable prison conditions. In other words, neither really offer a viable long-term solution. The institution runs on the concept of guilt, and does not attempt to "correct" this misperception. Parole often hinges on whether the convict has admitted guilt or not. Recidivism could be reduced by testing the convicts comprehension of innocence. That may require a miracle. Without miracles, the system will persist and plague the prison-keepers.

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  4. Who sets the cut-off for the age for the definition of a child?

    What if an 18 yr old guy (legal adult age) has sex with a 15 yr old girl. Then leaves her, so she cries Rape to get back at him.

    Is 15 the cut off for a legal child?

    Will we see a bunch of 18 yr old guys being executed by the State for having sex with a girl at a high school party?

    Or is 10 yrs the max age to be considered a child? Or is it 12? Or 13? I have heard that in some places the cut off age is 14?

    And, is the idea behind the executions to PREVENT such crimes? Or is it simply punishment after the fact which really doesn't help the victim? The nightmares and horror for the victim will continue long after the rapist is dead.

    And, is the current death penalty a deterrant against murder? Is the murder rate dropping in States that execute murders? Surely there must be decades of data to prove this yes/no.

    If the goal is to prevent these horrible crimes from occuring then we must ask this.
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  5. Check mate. The world is not set up to "work", except to work against your freedom in every way. The prison system is a micro view of a macro problem. Freedom is impossible as long as minds look at bodies as "self". The mind can be made free when it no longer sees itself as in a body, tied down to it, or sheltered by it. To seek for freedom in a body looks for freedom where it can not be found. Should anyone declare his innocence, he would be free. Declare the truth of innocence, and the body must disappear. It very appearance keys off of a of a self-depricating thought-stream that holes up in a body to shelter it from the light, lest it be exposed as false.

    The mind can pledge it's allegience to the illusion of body, or the reality of spirit, but never both. What I am describing here is a kind of reverse exorcism. A mind really has no business in a body. How it came to make and associate with one is quite boggling. Mind is native to spirit, and serves it's purposes naturally. Mind used to advance the agenda of a body is a mind wasted on terrible tendencies. Given to the body for long, the body tends to enslave the mind to it's purposes, convincing the mind it has no other choice but to serve it's ends.

    Give your mind to Spirit, and you escape bondage to a belittling belief system. Free yourself, and set "the prisoners" free. Pledge allegience to Spirit, and perfect freedom, joy, accomplishment and immortality are yours.

    What is the mind doing in a body? Primarily, it hides from love where it considers itself "safe". As such, it is an escape from reality. Only reality offers safety and sanity. So what can be expected from hiding out like an outlaw? The world, then, is a place for the "guilty" to congress, conjugate, complicate, corroborate, collaberate, castigate, incorporate, instigate, and investigate.

    The body is magic. Think: black magic. A strange use of mind-power, thriving on dissociation and secrecy. It is made and maintained by belief. It is an image, graven from an insane wish that reality be different.

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  6. Bodies are *bars* holding you in a prison of your own making.

    Conventional exorcism "casts out" demons from a body which rightfully belongs to "you" in the name of Christ. This is deceptive, misleading b.s. which serves to avoid the core issue at hand and prolong the escape from Christ [reality].

    Christ [reality] asks what is real [mind] to voluntarily come out of what *possesses* it within thick walls of "flesh", and drives it crazy with endless demands for it's upkeep.

    Mind inside a body cannot think, and knows not what it does. As it's alledged reality is taken for it's size, weight, thickness and solidity are emphasized, the thought-stream running it becomes more and more anti-christ, behaving demonically at times.

    What is often called "making love" is actually a way to *keep it real*, further locking down the mind to a mechanical process. As the reality of the body supercedes the reality of Reality, it's omnipotence is declared as, "O God! Oh God! Ohhh God yes!".

    Like a mountain, the body stands immovable between what is really One. It's purpose is not to unite, but to segregate the One into artificially lit cells. Do not be decieved by the illusion it presents of size and thickness, weight, solidity and "brick house" firmness of foundation. Yes, to the bodies eyes it looks like a hard body, a "wonderland" of alpine awesomeness. Yet within you is a Force that no illusion can resist. Seemingly immovable, the body cannot resist the Force of truth. When the Force and the body come together, the Force simply passes through the illusion and goes beyond to real union.

    The rapist seeks union also, madly grasping at reality through the only ways and means it's mad mind can comprehend. Achieving only symbolism, it "can't get no satisfaction" further driving it mad. It claws it's way in to what is rightfully it's own [reality], denied to him by the privatization of the commonwealth. It demands it's "reality" be recognized, it's presence known by force, and it's memory unforgettable. The thought-stream that differentiates "rape" from "date" also connects them. The differences and similarities run along a continuum of consent. As force correlates with reality, "good sex" correlates with symbols of force and loss of control. The pretended violation of consent makes "love" seem "real" and therefore, "good". Is this making any sense?

    In other words, it's wild. Reality is not really involved in it's substitutes. If madness motivates, what can the expected outcome be? You play you pay. All are players "for keeps", for *creeps*, for "tricks" and *treats*. There is a correlation between fantasy and finance. Those who own everything must fantasize about fiscally f*cked up frontiers.

    Omni-owners sacrifice something for nothing, gladly paying for particularily preferential partners. Some will pay up to half of everything they own. Some will pay $300 an hour. Other's will pay 300 months in prison for an hour. Many are incarcerating/incarnating themselves 300 times, pushing the limits of license, purchasing pounds of porn...born again, shorn again, forelorn again to mourn again.

    But for the fear of reality, none of this would seem necessary at all. There are no "lessons" where love can be learned. There is no purpose private rooms can ever realize as real. None of it is true. All of it is blue till you give due to the who's who of You. You need nothing. You need to do nothing. Such is your abundance, sacrificed for a fun dance with death.

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  7. Has anyone thought to ask a victim their opinion?
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    Wow. That's, like, really deep.

    Have I asked you to please shut the fuck up lately?

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    Page 37,

    "Society's desire to inflict the death penalty for child rapes by enlisting the child victim to assit it over the course of years in asking for capital punishment forces a moral choice on the child..."

    Statistics of >5,700 child rapes in 2005 would qualify for capital punishment. The grim reaper would be busy.

    Perhaps we as a society should do a better job of protecting our children, rather than being angry for our failures after the fact.

    In this case the mother contributed to and failed to protect her child.

    Anyone know of any schools that that have parenting classes in High School?
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  10. Executing child rapists so they cannot rape other children is not "protecting our children"?
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