Child Rapist avoids death sentence

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Should child rapists be executed?

  1. Absolutely.

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  2. Absolutely not.

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  3. Only in certain cases.

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  1. I like it. All the guys sodomizing him in jail were all kids once. He can use his imagination.

    The boy just ain't right from the neck up. Can you imagine being sick like that, and you just can't stop. He'd be better off dead. And I'm sure there are many who would accomodate him.

    I love the libs......." well, there would be undue suffering." That's why they call it 'execution'. If it would pleasurable, they'd call it "Six Flags", or "Disneyland".
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  2. They are sick, becasue they know it is wrong but do not care for anything but control. Why they choose children over adults? They understand enough to choose a weak victim. I have no sympathy.
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  3. To determine a sentence would put me in the judgement seat and that would undermine my determination not to judge how actors should act, or how the script should read. It is the participants that make themselves such by participating in the judgement process. I have chosen not to participate, as best I can. Even participation in this forum is a kind of "judgement", depending on it's purpose. My purpose here is to come to a place where the concept of judgement is set aside forever. In this way, each comes to his own "last judgement". Should that ever occur, I would simply cease to exist, and would no longer be a contributor in this forum. Likewise, the process of judgment keeps this whole game going for everyone. I am not here to correct anyone, per se. I look at this forum as a kind of correctional institute for my own progress. The sharing of ideas may or may not influence any "other" mind, although it probably will. I could simply think these thoughts and have the same effect telepathically. Writing serves to clarify a thought-stream that endeavors to "set the prisoners free", so-to-speak.

    Imagine a movie theatre offering a horror flick in which, once you enter the door, you cannot leave so long as you get emotionally involved in the film. To show sympathy or to show condemnation...each of these are judgments that get you involved in how the script should or should not read. A good director would be able to keep you in that theatre literally forever with ingenious play upon themes. You would not stay if every scene was full of horror. You would figure it out and cease to believe...suspend your belief. But if the horror is timed to upset otherwise interesting themes, it's tricky to break the cycle. Your exodus from the theatre must be well-planned indeed. You cannot walk out while you feel any fear whatsoever. You must understand the situation and walk deliberately and vigilantly toward the door.

    I beg to differ with you. These ARE actors. It matters not how "real" they seem to be. It is a virtual reality, making realness part of the movie. Essentially, this traps you and makes you the movie's prisoner. The only way out is to understand it's unreality. If you believe it to be unreal, your actions will stabilize around reason, and the movie will gradually shift the kinds of scenes that come within your experience. It's possible to shift entirely to happy themes where there is no such thing as attack, no such thing as death, etc. When you reach this script, you are near to exiting the theatre. As you learn to prefer this script, you will be presented with a choice, and the power to leave all scripts behind, and commence with reality once again.

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  4. Scripts operate under pre-agreements. You could indeed question the sanity of any actor agreeing to participate in these kinds of scenarios. Nevertheless, there are unconscious agreements that have yet to be broken.

    If you listen enough, you may sometimes hear the story of a child-victim who later came to remember a pre-agreement with the victimizer. The agreement is always sealed with this promise: Never let me forget who I am. Therefore, the way to break these cycles is to let actors know who they are before they proceed to act out pre-agreements. The pre-agreements are acted out because all parties concerned believe themselves guilty, and deserving of punishment. If the actors understood the unchangeable nature of God-given innocence, they would not opt to participate in these scenarios. This is how you break the cycle at it's apparent point of causation. It's like reaching back and pulling the plug on the projector running the movie. It always comes back to the question, "Who am I?", or, "What am I?". Answer this correctly and all these scenarios will disappear. If you are unwilling to answer it correctly, can you expect other actors to get it "right"?

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  6. This is what it means to refrain from attempting to take a small optical obstacle out of your brother's eye, while there is a huge, blinding protrusion in your own eye. The question becomes, 'Why are you watching this movie?'. It hardly serves to berate others for watching/participating in the movie while you are watching/participating it it yourself. And while you do, you cannot see reality at all. Therefore, if your eye causes you to "sin", "pluck it out". This means, if the world causes you to take insanity way too seriously, seek to end the process of perception entirely, and return to the realm of knowledge. As a rule of thumb, if you "see" bodies at all, you have retreated into insanity, into a private world within your own mind. Bodies can be hurt. Bodies are for hurting! On the other hand, there is nothing about reality that can be hurt. Reality is totally invulnerable. Share reality, and you share invulnerability.

    It's really a miracle that you have been able to verbalize the basic thought process whereby exodus from the movie is made possible. Certainly you don't believe it, but you've allowed an idea to enter your mind. Participants will generally cut such ideas off - judge them - before they have a chance to enter their thought stream. Why? Because they are simply having too much fun, and/or are actually more fearful of reality than they are of the movie. Believe it or not, there is no love in this world because the participants are deathly terrified of love. This is based on a decision - a judgement - that the answer to the question "What am I?" is: I am NOT love. This sets up a virtual reality in which the denial of Self can be expressed without consequences. Such is this world. Nothing in this world has any consequence upon the unchangeable reality of who you are.

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  7. This makes no sense.
    You are saying, do not judge that child rapist by saying he should be punished, because I am just as wrong as the rapist because I have heard about his crime and judged him worthy of punishment.
    So Jesus I have "sinned" for judging the child rapist worthy of punishment, now I should "pluck my eye out?"
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  8. trendlover, do yourself a huge favor and just put I am on ignore. His entire argument boils down to we are living in a dream world. If you are being raped or tortured, it's all in your mind. Seriously.

    I went through a long exercise with him a while back and realized there is no reasoning with him. Easier just to put him on ignore...

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  9. Ok Hapa, maybe I am is too sensitive and has to escape to dream world. So I won't put him on ignore, but not argue with him.
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  10. If this world makes sense to you, then the truth won't make sense until you are "weary" of the world. Meanwhile, allow me to clarify how you are perceiving my thought-stream.

    I'm saying that if you truly want to be helpful, you must be harmless. I'm saying that if you want to be helpful, you would focus on the core issues with a view toward preventative medicine and exodus from the theatre of madness.

    What you call sympathy only serves to keep these scenarios in motion because you are not addressing core issues relative to truth. The actors involved are all extremely strong, else they could not submit to act out these scenarios. Now if you want the scenarios to cease, you must empathize with their strength. It takes strength to exit this horrible movie theatre. I am only helpful as I empathize with your strength to do just that. If you want to keep it going, then sympathize with weakness. I'm saying that you are being set up. Your reactions are predictable, and serve to further predicate the macabre scripts in store for you.

    If you are not content to be "passer-by", then do what I did, and insert a slice of reality where before there was the illusion of a problem. To insert reality, you must know who you are, because essentially, you are reality surveying unreal circumstances. Reality is miraculous. Whenever you insert reality you are working miracles. When you assert a miracle, you are inserting the true identity of all parties concerned into a script that runs off of Self-denial.

    Miracles are harmless, win-win solutions to apparent problems. Miracles are the closest demonstration/reflection of love this world will ever know. If you are not content to be passer-by, then by all means, raise a little hell so-to-speak. Has someone been murdered? Then solve the problem by raising him from the dead. In this way, show that no harm has been done, and so, no need for punishment. Get it? The world has yet to see a miracle-worker truly motivated to demonstrate the reality of the truth, and the unreality of the world. You are entitled to miracles because of who you are. You are entitled to give them, yeah, required. You are capable of working miracles far more magnanimous and influential than mine. What would you rather do? Go down in history, or put another perp to death?

    The system is running scared. Fear runs the system. So the perp/actor will either be locked up or killed. Indeed, until the perp really understands who he is, he will be afraid, and the fearful can be vicious. Till the core issue is addressed, random actors will emerge as dangerous. Until innocence is revealed, the actors will act like criminals. Until sinlessness is fully understood, the "innocent" will consent to be harmed.

    That said, you have not sinned. Understand that you are up against psychological premises that define sin and feel it as guilt. I have redefined "sin" as a seriouly insane notion blown way out of proportion. Sin is the denial of reality. Without any basis in reality, you will go mad, you will be mad, and you will get angry. Sin is to hold mistaken perceptions about the Son of God. Sin is a lack of love. The truth is that you ARE the Son of God, and have made the mistake of judging yourself guilty of a crime you never committed. We are dealing here with a "spell" cast upon an extremely powerful mind which calls for some good news to "dispell" it. You have not sinned. The idea that you have sinned is the ONE MISTAKE that leads to this entire world in which there appear to be many mistakes. All mistakes trace back to one mistake. That mistake conjures up an unreal world in place of reality. That is, when you deny who you are, this world is all that is left. It expresses the opposite of every attribute that defines the true Self.

    If you take this world seriously, you will continue to entertain seriously insane notions about yourSelf, and about what you think you see. And you will not be able to be helpful. You do not understand what you are seeing because it is not understandable. And if you could understand how this world arises before your "sight", you would abandon it immediately. It is an ugly, decietful, painful and terrifying process.

    The rapist is a symbol of crimes you believe you have committed, which have been dissociated, suppressed, and hidden by constantly shifting blame onto "others". If you condemn the rapist, you will continue to condemnn yourself, and keep this dark fantasy alive in your experience. The world symbolizes everything you secretly think about yourself. Blame the world and you blame yourself. Get it? Imprison anyone and you throw away the key to your own release.

    Now I have revealed your innocence. Now you are empowered to make a choice. Imagine there is a potential rapist reading this thread. What if he learned to see things differently? What if he saw the chance to get what he really wants without violence? What then? Imagine that the rapist in question was in fact presented with this knowledge, dismissed it the way hapaboy dismisses it, and chose to act out his scripts instead of breaking them? Can you see how hapaboy's brand of ignore-ance serves only to perpetuate the scenarios he is interested in seeing? These scenarios serve to make him look innocent by comparison by keeping the core issues secret.

    "Eye" means perception. The world is percieved in your mind. If you plucked out the whole concept of perception, the whole world would disappear from your sight, and your eyes would open to your reality instead. Reality abides in the realm of knowledge. Understand that the human eyeball sees nothing, quite literally. There is an interpretive switch that informs your brain what it is you think you see. In truth, there is no world. It is literally NOT THERE! You think it is. So does everyone else. There is no "everyone". There is only ONE, "seeing" through many eyeballs. How wicked is that? This is one badass "spell" upon your mind...within your mind. It requires strength, and deliberate intent to "pluck it out". Perception is not natural to your native reality. "Sight" is the ability to use mind-power in a strange way. The only purpose perception can serve is to see strange, unreal things. Perception, then, serves to attack reality. Hence, the world is an attack on everything by everything.

    The human eyeball is a product of perception, and is designed to see only the strange as if it were "true". Basically, I'm talking about a kind of sorcery or black magic. You are using power in a strange way when you "see" this world and interact with it. It is not the human eyeball that is the problem. The eyeball is neutral. It is the thought-stream behind it that limits its vision to the eyeball, or limits its understanding to what the brain tells it...this is the problem. Solve this problem, and you will solve all your problems at once.

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