Child labor in carmaker Hyundai's factory in US

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    US factory accused of using child labor
    Dozens of migrant children as young as 12 worked at a metal stamping plant in Alabama, according to Reuters
    FILE PHOTO: Hyundai Motor Company employees put the finishing touches on vehicles at the Montgomery plant, Alabama, February 1, 2008 © AP / Dave Martin

    A vehicle parts supplier for South Korean carmaker Hyundai’s assembly line in Montgomery, Alabama has been accused of using underage migrant labor in a damning Reuters investigation published on Friday, which cited the minors’ families, multiple factory employees, and police sources.

    One former employee told Reuters she had worked “alongside about a dozen minors on her shift” over the past few years [...]


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  2. Kina over-blown? My sister did shit like that too, working for the banks, it was called co-op in highschool.
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    Yeah, but that was probably not a violation of child labor laws. In the USA, teenagers are permitted to work at certain jobs, only during certain hours, and only with permission from their secondary school.

    Any type of heavy manual labor, such as a factory job, or even working in the meat department at a grocery store, which involves running an automated slicing tool, is prohibited by law for children under a certain age.
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    OP quoted but the news is all over Alabama local press.
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    these kids were 12-13. That’s not high school. They aren’t even allowed to do farm work at that age.
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    I worked at 10 - 11 yrs old selling Miami herald subscriptions door to door. Great learning experience.
    It’s not really the age but more so the working conditions.
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    And if it interferes with your schooling.

    The Amish start working at 14, but their schooling ends then
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    Are these one of the laws we're going to choose to care about and enforce?
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    We were working with my sis at age of 11-13~, very part time, bringing advertising newspapers from doors to doors, just to get enough for ice creams.
    Wish i bought my first shares back then instead.
    Still, 18 yrs ago or so, lots of paper work had to be done, to prove, hat noone is ,,exploiting" us.
  10. "The only time my education was interrupted was when I was in school.“
    ... George Bernard Shaw
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