Chiefs -4 v. Raiders

Discussion in 'Politics' started by thetraderprofit, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. Please give your opinion on tonight's game
  2. KC won't go undefeated this year.
    Interdivisional rivalry = Anyone can win.

    The skull and crossbones will conquer.

    On paper though, KC should destroy Oakland.
  3. I took the Chiefs -4. I had the Chargers +4 too, but who'd a thunk the Ravens would lose to the Bengals and the Bucs to the 9'ers. Not me.

    Anyway, the Raiders are playing with no spirit this year. Everyone is saying they got old quick. Maybe. The Chiefs are smelling playoffs already and they are pumped. It's tuff to keep a team primed for 16+ games, but right now, ya gotta gie it to the Chiefs.

    I expect a good game regardless, they always play each other tough.
  4. Took Raiders +5.5. Lost $1150.
  5. For whatever reason, Gannon just can't seem to MOVE the RAIDERS down the field. Unfortunately for the RAIDERS, bringing in Marques Tuiasosopo was ONE HALF TOO LATE.

    Also of note, the KC CHIEFS rank dead last in run defense, giving up 4.9 yards per carry, and yet the RAIDERS rarely ran the ball in the first half.

    Bill Callahan was devasted after the game last night.
    And he should be . . . He's had no sense of urgency whatsoever!
  6. Great point !!!