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    I think the sky is fixing to fall. I have looked at charts of the Dow and Nasdaq and S&P 500. I don't think they look good. I am going to cash, of course thats only about $250.00. I am wondering what you guys and girls think. The US deficit is a little out of hand, almost overdrawn by about $350.00, but I will send them that. The credit balance in the US is almost ready to fall over. I think steel, copper and aluminum have replaced gold and silver as far as precious metals go. I know this post is a little humorous, but I am serious. What do you think. I live outside of Houston, Texas and I grew up there. The oil and gas companys here just reported record profits. The oil companys have reported record profits, one of them set a record for profits made by a company. I don't know which one now, but I will research it if necessary. Next Qestion, What do you believe are the top ten stocks to buy for long range investment. And please don't give me any crap, as I know the moderator has his hands full on other threads. Besides, I will personally come to your house and uplug your refrigarator and your beer will get hot. And lets not forget the wonderful job going on in Iraq. Politics should be left to hangmen and wars should be left to warriors.
  2. all i saw was $250 acct value.
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    thanks, that was a very informative reply with much thought and I am not sure how I can thank you. You have answered all my questions and you are great.
  4. just wondering....
  5. Load the boat w/ ADSX.. cross your fingers and say goodnight.

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    Play The Trifecta @ Belmont.
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    Never said I was speculating. Never said I was investing or swing trading. What I said was tongue in cheek, a joke, humorous, a laugh. I am new to this board. I am sorry for not telling the absolute truth. To tell you the truth, I have about $18,900 in cash. You do not have to have $25,000.00 to daytrade. You must have $25,000.00 in equity to have unrestricted access to daytrading buying power. You can still daytrade without $25,000.00, you just don't have the full margin. I said I was a Newbie and I have to explain this to an elite member. What else would you like to know? The sun rises from the east and sets in the west. If you walk in the rain, you get wet. This is not hard stuff guys. It's not rocket science. E=MC\2. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. The speed of light is approx 186,000 miles per second in a vacuum. My question was " Do you think the stock market will tank" and what would you say are the best investments in stock for the long run. Let me put this another way. Those graphy things we look at, do you think they will go to the top of the monitor are will they go to the bottom. For the next question, if you had to pick out some letters from the alphabet, no wait a minute. If you could pick some of the ABC's and D's and wanted them to make some money for toys with, what combination would you pick. Would it be MSFT, LVLT, TASR, DHB, CDE or what. Well, I couldn't see the forest, there were too many trees in the way.
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    This is a joke right?
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    No, its not a joke. I wish to know how members feel about the state of the stock market. And I wish to know what stocks members feel would be good investments for the long haul. If these are not good questions then call the moderator and have me arrested on writ of hocus pocus.
  10. Moderator, this whacked-out spoof is board-certified for Chit-Chat.

    Send this delerious clown (one person-two aliases) on his way.

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